World Cancer Research Fund Investigator Initiated Grants and Seed Grants

Internal EOI deadline: noon on Wednesday 28 August 2019

The WCRF is accepting applications for Investigator Initiated Grants (IIG) and Seed Grants (SG). The University can submit up to 5 grant applications in total to this call. If you wish to apply for a WCRF grant you must submit an EOI in IRAMS by noon on 28 August 2019. The EOI requests the same information as the WCRF outline application for IIG and SG.

Investigator Initiated grants may be up to £350,000 for up to four years. Seed grants may be up to £60,000 for up to two years. Information on the WCRF’s research principles and themes can be found on their website, along with specific guidance on applying in their Grants Management System.

After submitting an EOI in IRAMS, applicants will be notified if they are successful by 10 September. You will then need to access the WCRF online Grants Management System to submit your application to them by 7 October 2019. Please note that applications will need to be with RS by 30 September at the latest in time for the deadline on 07 October, and the WCRF requires the Head of Department and Finance Officer to also log-in to the System to approve the application.

The deadline to submit outline IIG applications and SG applications to the WCRF is 7 October 2019. If an outline IIG application is successful, you will be invited to submit a full application with a deadline around February 2020. There is no further application stage for Seed Grants.

Please direct queries to