ESRC centres call 2020

The Centres 2020 competition is open to applications of excellent quality in any area of social science within the ESRC remit. They are expected to be high-impact investments over the longer term. This call also includes a highlight notice in the area of 'changing populations', in particular ‘connecting generations’.

To manage demand for the call, ESRC have limited the number of applications that Oxford can submit to three bids as part of the general call (covering any of the research areas normally funded by the ESRC). Applications that fit under the highlight notice are not included within this limit but will still be subject to the same internal selection process to ensure they are competitive. 

The internal selection process is coordinated by Armando Román Zozaya, the Social Sciences Division’s Senior Research Facilitator.

Intention to apply to the call

If you have not already done so, please let Armando know you intend to apply by sending him a one-page document outlining the project title, purpose of the proposed centre and a list your potential collaborators/partners by Friday 5 June 2020.

Internal selection process: requirements

To be considered in the internal selection process, please send Armando the following five documents by Monday 6 July 2020:

  1. CV for the PI
  2. case for support
  3. list of collaborators/partners detailing why they are included in the proposal
  4. preliminary X5 admin output budget
  5. justification of resources

Please note that any outline bid to be submitted to the ESRC will include the information and details you are being asked to provide as part of the internal selection process.

Further information on how to apply

If you have any questions about the internal selection please contact Armando Roman Zozaya by emailing


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