2019 Global Young Scientists Summit, Singapore

Oxford has been invited to nominate up to five (5) ‘young scientists and researchers’ (PhD students and post-docs) as potential participants to attend the 2019 Global Young Scientists Summit, an international multi-disciplinary research summit, in Singapore, 20–25 January 2019

The organisers stipulate that nominees should be doctoral students or postdoctoral researchers who are 35 years old or below (at the time of the summit), drawn from ‘any field of Science & Technology’ (which they define as: chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and related disciplines). The final selection is made by the GYSS Organising Committee.

The theme for GYSS 2019 is 'Advancing Science, Creating Technologies for a Better World', similar to that of the earlier summits. Colleagues from Oxford have taken part in each one. Each year, about 280 international and local young scientists engage closely with peers and invited speakers, over a specially curated 5-day programme, to discuss key areas of science and research, technology innovation and society, and solutions to global challenges.

Singapore will provide the hospitality for the participants in Singapore, which will include accommodation, summit conference costs, social activities, meals and local transportation between accommodation, conference sites and social activities. Oxford departments who put forward nominees must meet the travel expenses to and from Singapore.

Nomination process

If you wish to be considered for selection as one of the Oxford nominees, please complete and email the nomination form and required attachments by noon, Friday 8 September 2018 to Research Services (gill.wells@admin.ox.ac.uk). The email subject line must be ‘GYSS Nomination – [insert family name of the nominee]'.

A department may make only one (1) nomination.

Nominations will be considered by a panel convened by the PVC (Research), Professor Patrick Grant.

Further information

  • University contact: Gill Wells, Head of EU & International Team, Research Services