International Investment Initiative (i3) Fund

Each university is permitted to submit only one bid to the i3 Fund as the principal applicant. Research Services is coordinating the internal peer review process by which the application from Oxford will be selected. (There is no restriction on Oxford’s involvement in collaborative bids where Oxford is not the lead.)

The i3 aims to support the scaling up of existing strategically significant internationally collaborative research relationships between English universities and universities and research organisations outside the UK. There must be evidence of an existing productive collaboration. Bids must be set in the context of the existing research activity of the lead institution and partner(s) and the opportunity to scale up the relationship.

The maximum funding available is £500,000 per project for up to five academic years. Co-investment is required by each participant at a ratio of £1 for every £2 awarded

The expression of interest should consist of a 300 word project summary plus a Word document of up to 2 sides of A4 which details the following:

Rationale for the proposed collaboration including:

  • relevant institutional priorities of the lead and partner organisations
  • evidence of previous and current commitments to the development and scaling up of the existing relationship
  • the expected additional impact of scaling up the collaboration
  • evidence of track record of research excellence in relevant areas (Oxford and partner institutions) to include the level of existing funded research activity

The relationship and/or activity to be scaled up using i3 funding including:

  • justification for the ability for the relationship and/or activity to be scaled up
  • why i3 funding is required and the additionality for this funding
  • evidence of lead and partner co-investment ability and benefits to each partner
  • a pathway to sustainability of the relationship and/or activity

Proposed budget plus evidence of co-funding by Oxford and each partner institution

Template form for the EOI:

Internal peer review timetable

  1. Outline proposals for the internal review process to be submitted by email to  by noon on Wednesday 9 January 2019. Please keep your departmental research administrators informed in accordance with your usual procedures.
  1. The peer review panel will include representatives from all four divisions and will be chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research.
  1. Applicants will be informed of the panel’s decision by Friday 18 January 2019.
  1. The selected applicant will then be invited to prepare a full proposal and should  submit the final application to Research Services by 20 February 2019 for submission to Research England before the funder's deadline on 28 February 2019.
  2. Please see Research England for further details on the application procedure and to download a copy of the application form.