Internal Research England GCRF support fund

This fund provides support for ODA research activity across the University.


1pm, Wednesday 5 September 2018


The amount will depend on the type of award but large awards are expected to be around £50k.

Call specification

Applications are welcome from members of any department or faculty at the University of Oxford.

The PI must be a current employee of the University of Oxford holding an academic post, or PI on a research contract awarded competitively and intended to enable the holder to establish an independent research career, with their current employment outlasting the duration of this project. If you are in any doubt of your eligibility, please email for clarification. 

Many departments have internal eligibility criteria, approval processes and other guidelines to which all applicants should adhere. Please consult your departmental administrator for internal deadlines and further information.

Colleagues from Oxford colleges and the University of Oxford museums can be involved and should be included as academic partners. College-based academics wishing to apply as PIs must apply via a department/faculty. Awards can only be held in departments/faculties, not in colleges.

The funds can be used for any of the activities listed below (or a combination):

  • capacity and capability building
  • interdisciplinary and collaborative research activity
  • generating impact from research both within and beyond the sector
  • pump-priming activities to underpin GCRF and Newton bids to other funders, including relationship building
  • rapid response to emergencies where there is an urgent research need

When filling out the application form you will be requested to select one of the above categories, to make it easier for assessors and for our own internal auditing process.


Large standalone projects which do not lead to external grant applications or provide additionality to ongoing projects are not eligible. All activity must be ODA eligible
Depending on the quality of application we may look to run a second round in winter 2018.


Tristan Eagling, Global Challenges Research Coordinator

Awards list

Please seek the endorsement of your head of department (or equivalent approval authority) prior to submitting the application. Application is through IRAMS. A draft application form is provided below for information.



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