COVID Rebuilding Research Momentum Fund (CRRMF)

The CRRMF scheme ran in Michaelmas term 2020 and has now closed. 117 awards (of up to £5,000) were made to researchers across the University, with a total of £530,000 of funding provided overall.

Awards were made to academic and research staff from all divisions for funding to support the development of their research career following significant disruption (by at least 50%) caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and their personal circumstances. Eligible disruptions included:

  • a significant increase in childcare responsibilities including home-schooling
  • a significant increase in caring responsibilities for an adult dependant
  • prolonged illness or shielding (including issues affecting mental and physical health)
  • impact of disability and lack of disability adaptions while working from home
  • temporary return to full-time clinical duties
  • dislocation and travel restrictions which led to stranding outside the UK at the start of the pandemic
  • furlough (not including those who are externally-funded where the funder had already agreed a mitigation)

The scheme was funded by the John Fell Fund (JFF).


Further Information

Further information or queries about the scheme should be addressed to the John Fell Fund team in Research Services ( Please ensure queries are clearly marked 'CRRMF' in the email subject line.