Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Prize 2019

The Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Prize is an open competition that aims to develop collaborative studies between researchers in different fields (between medicine and mathematics or computing or artificial intelligence). The Rosetrees Trust hope that by stimulating new research collaborations this prize will result in breakthroughs that have real potential to improve human health. The award is worth up to £250,000 over three years, which can be used to support any aspect of the proposed research.

The University of Oxford will submit one application selected from expressions of interest. Expressions of interest, with details of the collaborative project between medicine and mathematics or computing or artificial intelligence, are invited. Each expression of interest must have two lead applicants, one from each of the areas of the two research (medicine and either mathematics, computing or AI), and should be submitted by noon on Monday 21 January 2019 via the IRAMS online application system.

Note the following:

  • applications should be truly interdisciplinary in nature – and clearly represent collaboration between two different areas of research: medicine and either mathematics, computing or AI
  • applications can relate to any disease or medical condition which affects a significant proportion of the population
  • only applications without commercialisable background IP featuring in the proposal can be considered
  • only projects which are unlikely to generate any IP of commercial value will be considered to go forward as the institutional bid for Rosetrees funding
  • guidelines from the funder relating to scope and criteria for the institutional application

All questions should be directed to

The institutional nominee will be notified by Monday 28 January 2019. The institutional bid is due by 28 February 2019.