Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Prize 2020

The Rosetrees Trust Interdisciplinary Prize is an open competition that aims to develop collaborative studies between researchers in different fields. This year the award is for collaboration between medicine and chemistry.

The award is worth up to £300,000 over three years and can be used to support any direct costs of the proposed research.

Internal expressions of interest are invited, from which the University of Oxford's Medical Sciences and MPLS divisions will select one application to go forward to Rosetrees Trust. Each expression of interest must have two lead applicants, one from each of the two areas of research (medicine and chemistry), and must be submitted by noon on Monday 24 February 2020 via the IRAMS online application system. Departmental approver sign-off must also be provided in IRAMS.

Please note:

  • applications must be truly interdisciplinary in nature and clearly represent collaboration between medicine and chemistry
  • only submit proposals that do not have commercialisable background IP
  • only submit proposals that are unlikely to generate any IP of commercial value
  • funder guidelines relating to scope and criteria: 

Once the successful internal applicant has been notified on or around 5 March, they must submit a full application to Rosetrees Trust in their Flexi-Grant application portal by the deadline of 30 March 2020. The application must include a letter of support from the heads of department of both lead applicants.

Please direct questions to

Co-ordinated University bids