GCRF Project Board


GCRF Project Board membership
Name Position
Professor Patrick Grant Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Charles Godfray Director of OMS
Erica Charters

Humanities Division, academic representative

Katherine Blundell Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division, academic representative
Keith Channon

Medical Sciences Division, academic representative

Chris Adam

Social Sciences Division, academic representative

Vacancy Humanities Division, administrative representative
Martin Edmunds Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division, administrative representative
Leila Whitworth Medical Sciences Division, administrative representative
Sam Sneddon Social Sciences Division, administrative representative
Kevin Marsh ODA/regional expertise
Stefan Dercon ODA/regional expertise
Robyn Norton ODA/regional expertise
Katrina Charles ODA/regional expertise
Doug Gollin ODA/regional expertise
Stephen Conway Research Services
Gill Wells Research Services
Sharron Pleydell-Pearce Research Services

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