Oxford University Innovation Working Group

Research & Innovation Committee established the Oxford University Innovation Working Group to examine the University’s aspirations, activities and future strategy in relation to knowledge exchange and our contribution to the innovation eco-system.

The group, chaired by Professor Ian Walmsley, Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation), met in the period March–June 2014. Its membership included representatives from each of the academic divisions and the Conference of Colleges and four externals.

The working group reported to Research & Innovation Committee, PRAC and Council in Trinity Term 2014. The report, including its major recommendations, was endorsed at the July 2014 meeting of Council. Council also approved the recommendation that the PVC(R) convene a group to 'determine the actions necessary to implement the recommendations'.

An Implementation Leadership Group was established, chaired by Professor Walmsley, along with four sub-groups. The Leadership Group reported to Research & Innovation Committee and Council in Trinity Term 2015. Council at its meeting in July approved the University of Oxford Innovation Strategy, supported in principle the new resourcing model, and referred it to PRAC for detailed consideration. Council endorsed the 55-point action plan. That plan set out the actions to date and other actions to be taken in 2015-16 to give effect to the OIWG report recommendations.

The documents associated with this initiative are for internal use by members of the University only.