British Academy (Flexi-Grant®)

Flexi-Grant® enables applicants to create and edit online grant proposals. The grant applications are routed to Research Services for checking (if applicable), authorisation and submission to the British Academy.

For British Academy call-specific guidance notes please see the British Academy website.

Please liaise with your departmental/faculty research facilitator before you start your application. 

How to apply for funding

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The PI should log in or register for a new user account on the British Academy website (note: user accounts are created straight away and do not require institutional approval). Please talk to your departmental finance officer/ administrator about creating an X5 costing.

If you had an e-GAP2 account this may not have been transferred to Flexi-Grant® so you may need to set up a new account.



The PI must complete the application upload any documentation specified in the scheme guidance notes. The draft application can be saved at any time and accessed from the my applications link when logged in.

Referee's statement

In a change to the British Academy’s previous practice, the referee’s supporting statement must be submitted before the application can be approved. Any application without a supporting reference will not be able to be submitted.

Please note that the referee is referred to as the ‘Contributor’ on the system.

  • Flexi-Grant® uses word rather than character limits. Please check the scheme notes carefully to ensure compliance with specified limits.
  • Please include the departmental/faculty address, where possible, under employing organisation (page 1 of Application – eligibility) rather than the University's Wellington Square address.
  • Please ensure that the University of Oxford is the host 'organisation'.



Once the PI is satisfied that the application is complete it should be submitted to Research Services at least five working days before the deadline as detailed in the British Academy guidelines.

Please note that the stated closing date is the final deadline by which everything needs to be completed.


The PI should also ensure that their departmental/faculty research facilitator has submitted the X5 costing at least five working days before the deadline. If your department wishes to see a copy of the application you can print off a PDF copy from Flexi-Grant®.



Research Services do not review applications under £100k or fellowships under £1m unless requested by the department. See the application process overview for further details.

Once the X5 costing has been approved by the department, Research Services will authorise the application within five working days. Research Services will notify the PI of any amendments that are needed or recommended. The PI must notify Research Services after any amendments are made.


Research Services will re-check the amended application and arrange for an authorised signatory to submit the final application to the British Academy.

Please note that Research Services cannot submit applications after 5pm, regardless of the deadline set by the funder.

Need help?

The British Academy Flexi-Grant® team can be contacted on

Contact your divisional funding specialist for help with completing your application