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Core documents for people working under HTA Licence 12217

If you are working under the University’s HTA licence 12217 you must follow HTA Licence 12217 core documents (including core SOPs). The core documents and templates are hosted on iPassport, a quality management system.


To get access to iPassport, contact the Human Tissue Governance team.

The University must provide assurance that SOPs are in place for all research groups operating across the University’s HTA licence. SOPs are fundamental to ensuring that licensed activities are undertaken consistently, in according with regulatory requirements.

Please note that text highlighted in yellow within documents is advisory and should be deleted when documents are finalised. The author and copyright notice should be retained.

Information documents for Licence 12217

The Constitution sets out the governance structure and other requirements of the Human Tissue Authority Licence 12217.


The Policy sets out the rules governing the storage and use of tissue under the Human Tissue Authority Licence 12217.


University core SOPs

If you are working on a clinical trial sponsored by the University you must also follow the University's core SOPs.

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External resources

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