Resources for clinical research governance

University core SOPs should be used for all clinical trials sponsored by the University, and clinical research where appropriate.

If you require more detail than appears in a relevant University core SOP, unit SOPs or work instructions may be developed, provided they are compliant with University core SOPs. An editable version of the core SOP is available on request.

Other templates can be adapted for use in any department conducting clinical research where there are no such templates in place. Content should be reviewed in conjunction with guidelines/procedures that are unique to each department and the text altered accordingly.

Text highlighted in yellow within documents is advisory and should be deleted when documents are finalised. If there is a footnote with details of the original author and the copyright logo of the University of Oxford, please retain them.

Please refer to this page for the latest approved version of each document and for new core SOPs.

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Please email to obtain a copy of the relevant Division of Responsibilities template