Conflict of interest

Oxford's conflict of interest policy requires all staff and students 'to recognise and disclose activities that might give rise to conflicts of interest or the perception of conflicts and to ensure that such conflicts are seen to be properly managed or avoided'. 

Conflicts of interest may be financial or non-financial or both.


Staff and students are encouraged to discuss issues related to conflict of interest with colleagues, mentors, supervisors, senior tutors, directors of graduate studies, heads of department, college heads, heads of divisions or others as appropriate.

If you are uncertain about how the University's policy on conflict of interest might affect your activities or you have any questions about its application, you can contact the appropriate person as set out in paragraph 6 or the Secretary of the Committee on Conflict of Interest.

If the situation relates to a research proposal or research project, the terms and conditions of external funding, or any related activities, you are welcome to contact Research Services in the first instance (see our Contacts page to search for the relevant contact).