External research income

Total research income

In the financial year 2018/19, the University of Oxford’s total research income, including the QR funding, totalled £769.2 million. Of this sum, £624.7 million was from externally funded grants and contracts. 

Total research income 2018–2019
Income source Amount
Externally funded grants and contracts £624.7m
QR funding £144.5m
Total research income £769.2m


External research income by funder type FY 2018/19

Funder type Amount %

Breakdown of income from externally funded grants and contracts by funder type 2018/19

Chart showing external research income by funder type


Research Council £162m 26%
UK charities £154.5m 25%
UK and overseas industry £89m 14%
UK government departments and health authorities £77.7m 12%
Other UK and overseas sources £76.4m 12%
EU government £65.1m 10%
RDEC   0%
Total £624.7m 100%


External research income from FY 2009/10 to FY 2018/19

The external research income figures do not include the tax credit for research & development (RDEC) from the UK Government that the university received:

External research income bar chart

External research income 2008/09 to 2017/18

Financial year Amount Year on year % change

External research income 2009/10 to 2018/19 (excluding RDEC)

2009/10 £367m +8%
2010/11 £377m +3%
2011/12 £409m +9%
2012/13 £437m +7%
2013/14 £478m +10%
2014/15 £523m +9%
2015/16 £538m -3%
2016/17 £558m +4%
2017/18 £578m +4%
2018/19 £625m +8%