Knowledge Exchange and Impact Sub-Committee (KEISC)

Meeting dates

KEISC meeting dates
Date Time
Thursday 2 November 2023 14:00-16:00
Thursday 8 February 2024 14:00-16:00
Thursday 16 May 2024 10:00-12:00



The Sub-Committee will provide expert advice and make recommendations to Research & Innovation Committee on the following, both in response to direct referrals and arising from its own review:

  • strategy for the development of partnerships with key external organisations
  • support for the development of systems to identify and record impact for knowledge exchange (KE) work in the University, and for reporting to government and other sponsors
  • recognition for the wider application of KE, and ways to enable development in areas such as teaching and learning, local, regional and national engagement, including public, commercial and industrial engagement
  • Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) Institutional Strategy and oversight of funded areas
  • the research funders’ Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research, including its aims, what is expected of universities, the external support available to strengthen public engagement across the research and HE sector and how the University’s staff and students ‘can connect and share their work with the public’

In addition to the strategic tasks listed above the Sub-Committee will:

  • review bids for HEIF funding, or future related initiatives, for recommendation to the Research & Innovation Committee
  • maintain an oversight of HEIF funded activities, in the wider context of KE activities across the University
  • receive and consider annual reports from each HEIF funded area which detail progress against objectives, and spend to date
  • identify potential high-quality KE activity which might benefit in future from HEIF funding
  • consider the development of relevant support for interdisciplinary activities
  • consider the development of relevant training support for graduate students
  • consider the possibilities for academic development schemes, including mentoring, related to KE activity


Members and attending officers

KEISC members
Name Position
Professor Chas Bountra

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Innovation) who shall chair the committee

Professor Alis Oancea

Two representatives appointed by the Social Sciences Division

Dr Jacqui Broadhead

As above

Professor Abigail Williams

Two representatives appointed by the Humanities Division


As above

Professor Dermot O’Hare

Two representatives appointed by the MPLS Division


As above

Professor Matthew Wood

Two representatives appointed by the Medical Sciences Division


As above


One representative appointed by the OUDCE

Dr Harriet Warburton

One representative appointed by GLAM

Dr Stephen Conway

Executive Director, Research Services

Dr Olga Kozlova

Director, Innovation & Engagement, Research Services

Dr Matthew Perkins

One representative from Oxford University Innovation

Mr Jonathan Black

Director of the Careers Service

Dr Maxine Allen Director of Business Partnerships, Medical Sciences Division (co-opted member)


Facility to co-opt up to two persons for a year in the first instance, but renewable.

Attending officers

  • Dr Stuart Wilkinson, Assistant Director, Innovation & Engagement, Research Services

  • Prof Alex Betts, Local & Global Engagement Officer

  • One representative from Public Affairs Directorate

  • One officer per academic division (where not attending as a co-opted member)

Secretary: Sheryn Simpson