Industry partnership funding

Before you start negotiations with a company please read the information on pricing and negotiating research contracts with industry.

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MPLS Industrial Research Partnerships team facilitate both enduring strategic partnerships with companies and funding for collaborative research.

MSD Business Development Team work with you to identify the ideal industrial partner for your research. They offer a wide range of support for your collaborative research, from simply facilitating the right introductions through to ongoing post-agreement support to ensure longevity and efficiency in your partnership.

Academics from the Humanities and Social Sciences can contact their respective divisional offices for support.

You can search for industry funding opportunities using Research Professional.

Funding from Innovate UK: see Research Professional saved search.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, commonly referred to as KTP, is a national scheme which supports an individual from a 'Knowledge Base' partner (typically a university) to work with and in a partner company. For more information please contact Dr Murray Gardner.

Particularly intended for Business Development managers who liaise frequently with companies on R&D contracts and pricing, to ensure companies are aware of applicable tax credit and relief schemes.


Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund

The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund was created to provide funding and support to UK businesses and researchers, part of the government’s £4.7 billion increase in research and development over the next four years. The fund will help to ensure that research and innovation take centre stage in the government’s industrial strategy, with investment earmarked for technologies where the UK can build on its world-leading strengths and help innovative businesses to tap into large and growing global markets, as well as the industries of the future. Six challenges have been selected to receive fund support so far: healthcare and medicines; robotics and artificial intelligence; clean and flexible energy; driverless vehicles; manufacturing and materials of the future; satellites and space technology.

The fund is administered by UKRI.

More information can be found on the UKRI website.

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