Internal Research Award Management System (IRAMS)

IRAMS is used to manage both John Fell Fund and other funds. Researchers from outside of the University can apply for funding schemes that permit it, but they will have to obtain a virtual access account (temporary single sign-on ID).

Funding opportunities are advertised on divisional websites and the funding section of the Research Support website.

User guide

On the right hand side you can download the IRAMS applicant quick reference guide

Browser compatibility

IRAMS is platform-agnostic and will work across all major PC and Mac browsers. Please ensure you are using the latest version of your chosen browser, where possible.

Spurious characters in lay summary field

When pasting text from other documents into lay summary field, spurious characters can appear in the pdf version of the form. This pdf version is created for the review process (eg departmental approver, selection committee).
To prevent this from happening, first paste text into a text editor, before copying into the lay summary. Recommended text editors are Notepad (available in Windows) and TextEdit (available on a Mac).

Saving your Application

IRAMS will auto-save your application as you move between sections of the form. However, ensure you click save before using the “Back to Main Menu” option - not doing so will result in you losing any unsaved data. Closing the browser window without first saving will also result in lost data.

  • To become a departmental approver contact the person in your divisional office who deals with JFF or internal funding opportunities
  • View and follow the progress of all applications of any status, not just those that need assessing
  • View final reports submitted by researchers
  • Return an extension request to PI so that they can make changes, without having to reject the request
  • Download a PDF of an application before recording departmental assessment
  • Divisions and Research Services can add and manage funds through IRAMS
  • Quick reference guides are available to create new awards, manage emails and applications

IRAMS enhancement requests

This list will be updated as progression on delivery is made and enhancement requests added. IRAMS administrators will be involved in reviewing, prioritising, scheduling and testing enhancements.

Identified issue

There is not a quick and clear mechanism for identifying who departmental approvers are.

Planned solution

A suggested approach would be to add the list of approvers for each department to the “approval tab”.

Initial requestors

Liam Murphy (Medical Sciences)

Identified issue

A number of IRAMS administrators have made requests for enhancement to the functionality of email notifications, including:

  • text that can be customised per fund
  • additional email addresses as needed
Planned solution

A review and rework of aspects of email functionality, so that each fund can manage the text and recipients of the notification sent out on their behalf.

IRAMS administrators should be involved in further discussions and analysis phases to ensure the precise nature of these modification requests are captured and delivered.

Initial requestors

Liam Murphy (Medical Sciences); Sam Cooper (RS JFF TEAM)

Identified issue

A number of error messages within IRAMS do not provide meaningful information. An example being “Please contact your departmental IRAMS administrator”.  This particular error message is inaccurate as it misleads an applicant to believe they have a departmental IRAMS administrator, and from a support model point of view an applicant should be contacting the fund manager, ie the appropriate IRAMS administrator in the division/Research Services.

Planned solution

A full review and clean-up of error messages utilised within IRAMS, and appropriate text appended to messages.

Initial requestors

Sue Douglas (Research Services)

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