Research information


Research information is information about research income, proposals, grants, contracts, outputs, data and outcomes, and information about researchers, their areas of expertise, honorary positions, job history and contact details

Research information systems store research information data and make it possible for individual researchers to reuse this information to feed their individual profile pages or for research managers to get an overview of research information for their department, division or the whole university

Research metrics and indicators are specific elements of research information that can be used to measure research either through comparison or by looking at development over time. They can vary from number of grants and contracts per year, success rate, research income per year to field weighted citation for publications



The University’s research information management principles form a framework against which research information management issues and investment are considered and resulting actions planned and implemented. The four principles seek to complement the University’s IT Architecture Principles.

  1. Clearly state the benefit of research information management to all those who contribute information
  2. Research information data should, wherever possible, be entered only once and the use of the data should be maximised, ie 'enter once, reuse multiple times'
  3. Promote interoperability through the use and adoption of recognised (metadata) standards and identifiers in research information systems, and through participation in sector level initiatives in development/promotion of standards and interoperability
  4. Research information should be used responsibly at all levels of granularity without giving more value to one indicator/metric than another

Research Services at the University of Oxford capture and process personal information in line with current UK data protection legislation. This is held on our case management and document storage system GoPro Foris. Our privacy notice provides more information around the processing of personal information, provides contact details for our Data Protection Officer and explains how to exercise your rights as a data subject.