Major funders

If you are thinking of putting together a grant application, please get in touch with your departmental administrator and research facilitator as soon as possible (at the very latest four weeks before the deadline), so that they can provide advice and assistance with the preparation of your proposal. The sooner you get in touch, the more they will be able to help.


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Oxford funding guidance

AHRC funding guidance

See the AHRC website for current funding opportunities

Pilot call using the new UKRI Funding Service

UKRI Funding Service pilot is the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) New Generation Thinkers call. The call was published 29 June 2020, will be open from 20 August 2020, and closes on 1 October 2020. Webinars will be held on the scheme and using the new system in July, August and September. Any questions or queries about the the AHRC New Generation Thinkers pilot should be directed to the UKRI Funding Service helpdesk or the helpline: 01793 442900.


Oxford funding guidance

EPSRC funding guidance


See the EPSRC website for current funding opportunities


Scheme specific guidance

Oxford funding guidance

ESRC funding guidance


See the ESRC website for current funding opportunities

Important information for NERC Responsive Mode rounds

NERC are currently implementing demand management measures whereby the number of applications for Responsive Mode rounds is capped by institution. If you would like to apply to the next round you should contact your departmental administration team immediately.

Scheme specific guidance

Oxford funding guidance

NERC funding guidance


See the NERC website for current funding opportunities

Oxford funding guidance

STFC funding guidance


See the STFC website for current funding opportunities


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Scheme specific guidance

Oxford funding guidance

British Academy funding guidance


See the British Academy's website for funding opportunities


Scheme specific guidance

Oxford funding guidance

Leverhulme Trust funding guidance


See the Leverhulme Trust's website for details of grant schemes


Oxford funding guidance

Wellcome funding guidance


See Wellcome's scheme finder for funding opportunities


Oxford funding guidance

The Oxford Global Research website has specific guidance on European Commission funding.

Research Services' European & International team has produced guidance:

EC funding guidance

See the EC's Participant Portal to find a call.



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Funding from federal agencies in the United States has become an important part of the research funding portfolio at Oxford. Our researchers have been successful in securing grants from a range of US federal agencies.

Here is a selection of federal agencies that may offer the greatest opportunities for researchers at Oxford (in terms of scale of funding available and/or its availability to non-US organisations):

Advice for finding funding

All federal grant funding opportunities are advertised on, the electronic system through which applications for grant funding are usually submitted. The search grants section will allow you to search for opportunities under all US agencies.

Some federal agencies also fund through research contracts. These are advertised on the agencies’ own websites and on FebBizOpps and FedConnect.

Submitting applications

See our step-by-step guide to submitting NIH applications.

It is strongly advised to talk to the programme official/scientific officer when considering the preparation of a proposal. Programme officials can give good advice on the potential fit of your proposal to the agency’s call and discuss how to address any particular application requirements (eg the foreign component justification of an NIH proposal led by a non-US organisation).

For further information or advice on these funders please contact your Research Services divisional team.