Policy A-Z

This A to Z provides easy access to University research-related policies and procedures. If your area of enquiry is not listed please contact us.

Note: divisions, faculties, departments and colleges may have their own policies on matters relevant to research, although these should not be inconsistent with University policy.

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Bribery and fraud policy (Council Secretariat)

Career support and bridging support schemes for academic-related research staff (Personnel Services)

Centres, institutes and joint ventures (Legal Services) 

Collaborative research guidelines (Research Services)

Conflict of interest guidance and policy (Research Services)

Consulting activity – guidance and procedures (Research Services and Consulting Services, Oxford University Innovation)

Consultancy policy (Statutes and Regulations): Consultancy policy and procedures    

Costing and pricing policy (applying FEC to research projects) (Research Services and Research Accounts)

Data protection (Council Secretariat)

Data quality (Planning and Resource Allocation Section)

Fieldwork safety (see 'Safety in fieldword)

Finance Division – policies and regulations (Finance Division)

Financial regulations (Statutes and Regulations)

Freedom of Information – policy and guidelines (Information Compliance Team)

Freedom of Information – guide to information about the University

Health and safety: statement of health and safety policy (Safety Office)

Human participants in research (see 'Ethical conduct')

Information security policy (IT Services)

Intellectual property policy (Statutes and Regulations)

Open access (Research and Innovation Committee)

Outside appointments (Personnel Services)

Overseas travel (Safety Office)

Research data management (Research Data Oxford)

Research activity data quality policy (Research Services and Research Accounts)

Research integrity and ethics (Research Services)

Research misconduct guidance (Research Services)

Research misconduct policy (see 'Academic integrity') 

Royalties – guidance, procedures and policies (Personnel Services)

Safety in fieldwork (Safety Office) 

Security-sensitive research material: Guidance on research involving security-sensitive research material   

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