Royal Society (Flexi-Grant®)

Grant applications to the Royal Society can be submitted using their online grant application and processing system (Flexi-Grant). Please note Flexi-Grant has now replaced eGAP2.

This web-based system allows applicants to create and edit grant proposals, which are routed to Research Services for review (if applicable), authorisation and online submission to the Royal Society.

Grant applications should be submitted to Research Services at least 5 working days before the deadline.

How to apply for funding

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The principal investigator (PI) should log in or register for a new user account at User accounts are created straight away and do not require institutional approval.

Please talk to your departmental finance officer/administrator about creating an X5 costing.


The PI logs in to the Flexi-Grant system and selects my applications. To create a new application choose the relevant scheme from the list and click start.


Once the application is correct and complete it should be submitted to Research Services at least 5 working days before the deadline, as detailed in the Royal Society guidelines.

Note: For applications via Flexi-Grant the deadline for submission of your application and the completion of support statements from your head of department and nominated referees will fall on the same date, which is a departure from the previous process employed by the Royal Society via eGAP2. Research Services will not be able to approve your application for submission until the support statements have been provided.



The PI should ensure that their departmental administrator has submitted the X5 costing at least 5 working days before the deadline. If your department wishes to see a copy of the application you can print off a PDF copy from Flexi-Grant.


Once the X5 costing has been received Research Services will check the application within five working days and will notify the PI of any amendments that are needed or recommended. The PI must make any amendments and notify Research Services once this has been done.

NB: Research Services does not review grant applications under £100k or fellowships under £1 million unless requested by the department. See the application process overview for further details.


Research Services will re-check the amended application and arrange for an authorised signatory to submit the final application to the Royal Society.

Please note that Research Services cannot submit applications after 5pm regardless of the deadline set by the funder.

Need help?

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