Cancer Research UK (eGMS)

eGMS is Cancer Research UK's online grants management system for the submission of grant applications, post-award management and peer review. Grant applications are routed from the PI to Research Services for checking (if applicable), authorisation and online submission to Cancer Research UK.

All applications for funding schemes must  be submitted via eGMS. Please note eGMS's system and security requirements.

How to apply for funding

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Anyone who will need to create, edit or submit an application will need a user account on eGMS. You can create an account on the eGMS log in page.


The PI should log on to eGMS to create a new application by selecting apply for funding and choosing the relevant scheme.

For most funding schemes the PI will need to complete an eligibility assessment before gaining access to the application forms. If eligible, the application form will be available under the my tasks tab on the PI's home page. The PI must then complete all mandatory sections of the form and ensure all sections have been completed correctly by reviewing the application under the review and submit tab. Only PDF files should be uploaded with a maximum size of 5MB per file.

PIs should add their departmental administrator to the applicant secretary/PA supporting role to enable departmental approval. The administrator can then log in to eGMS to access and edit the application.
Note: departmental administrators will need to have a user account on eGMS before they can be added to a supporting role.

To return to an application that was created in an earlier session click on the my tasks tab.


Once the application is complete and has been approved by the department it should be submitted with the X5 costing to Research Services five working days before the deadline .

Research Services will review the application and send it back to the PI for amendments if necessary. Once the changes have been agreed the application can be resubmitted to Research Services as before.

NB: Research Services does not review grant applications under £100k or fellowships under £1m unless requested by the department. See the application process overview for further details.


Research Services will arrange for an authorised approver to submit the application to CRUK.

Please note that Research Services cannot submit applications after 5pm regardless of the deadline set by the funder.

Preliminary applications


Please note that preliminary or outline applications are not routed via Research Services on eGMS and go straight to CRUK. The outline application must be fully approved before the PI submits the preliminary application on eGMS to CRUK.

All preliminary applications require departmental approval and a PDF of the completed application will need to be provided to the department before submission.

For applications that need Research Services' review a PDF of the completed application and X5 outline costing will need to be provided to Research Services before submission. Research Services will then advise the PI when the application can be submitted on eGMS to CRUK. The completed application must be submitted to Research Services for institutional approval five working days before the deadline.

NB: Research Services do not review grant applications under £100k or fellowships under £1 million unless requested by the department. See the application process overview for further details.


Need help?

CRUK's grants team can be contacted at or 0203 469 5452

Contact your divisional funding specialist for help with completing your application

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