REF contacts

REF preparations at Oxford are led by the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research), and managed through REF Project Board, which is a sub-committee of Research and Innovation Committee.

The REF team at Oxford includes a central team in the Research Strategy and Policy Unit, Research Services, and contacts in divisions.

For any initial queries, or if you are in any doubt, please email and you will be referred to the right person.

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  • Patrick Grant– Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research); academic lead for the REF submission for Oxford
  • Anne Mortimer– Research Evaluation Lead; contact for policy and all general queries
  • Eugenio Barrio– Research Information Lead; contact for technical queries

The four main academic divisions each coordinate the submission to a REF main panel

Divisions with main panel responsibilities


Academic lead

Administrative contact

MSD/Panel A

Professor Heidi Johanson-Berg

Leila Whitworth

MPLS/Panel B


Dr Irene Scullion

SSD/Panel C

Professor Heather Viles

Gillian Willis

Humanities/Panel D

Professor Abigail Williams

Dr Tim Davies





Academic lead

Administrative contact

Conference of Colleges    

Professor Sir John Vickers    

Dr Bernard Gowers  

Continuing Education

Professor Tom Buchanan

David B. Graham


Professor Paul Smith

Hattie Warburton