Leverhulme Trust (Grant Tracker)

The Leverhulme Trust's grant tracker system allows applicants to create and edit grant proposals online. Grant applications are automatically sent to Research Services for review (if applicable), authorisation and online submission to the Leverhulme Trust. Some schemes require departmental approval on the system and in these instances the application will also be routed to the department for approval.

How to apply for funding

Please note that different processes apply to different schemes. These are general guidelines. For more guidance please use the Leverhulme Trust's navigation notes within the grant management system.

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The principal investigator (PI) who wishes to submit an application will need to register on grant tracker. Registration is instant once the personal and security details have been completed and saved.

Once registered users will have the chance to add their institutional affiliation. Select the University of Oxford from the drop-down list of institutions and enter the department/faculty/division in the department field in the address section.


The PI must login to the online system and click on open grant schemes to create a new application. Click the apply button next to the relevant scheme to open the application web forms. The PI must then complete all details as required for the scheme (mandatory fields are denoted by a red dot) and upload any documents required.

To return to an application that was created in an earlier session the PI needs click on the edit application button under the relevant scheme on the home page.


Depending on the scheme the Leverhulme Trust may require applicants to enter details for referees and head of department. The application form requires the PI to provide details of referees who meet the scheme criteria. Please note that referees must be available the month after the scheme deadline.

When entering the head of department details the Trust will match this to existing entries held in the system. You will be asked to confirm the match. If no match can be found you will be prompted to enter further information including an email address for your head of department.

When your application is submitted an email notification will automatically be sent to your nominated head of department. Once they have reviewed and approved the form it will be sent to Research Services for final checking.

Important: It is essential that accurate email addresses are entered for the head of department and referees, as these email addresses will be used by the system to provide them with access to the application. Incorrect email addresses could cause delays in the processing and consideration of your application.


Before approving the application the PI must ensure that all co-applicants named on the project have approved their own part of the online application system.

Once the application is correct and complete the PI should select the notify link under the institutional approval section. If all the mandatory fields have been completed correctly a submission button will appear. This will submit the application for departmental (where appropriate) and institutional approval; it will not submit the application to the Leverhulme Trust.

Email notifications requesting approval of the application will then be sent the departmental approver and Research Services.

The application should be submitted five working days before the deadline.

Please note that Research Services will not be able to fully check the application or submit it to the Leverhulme Trust until the department has approved the application.


The PI should ensure that their departmental administrator submits the X5 costing to Research Services five working days before the deadline.



Once the X5 costing has been approved by the department Research Services will check the application within five working days and notify the PI of any amendments that are needed or recommended. The PI must make any amendments and notify Research Services once this has been done.

NB: Research Services does not review grant applications under £100k or fellowships under £1 million unless requested by the department. See the application process overview for further details.



Research Services will re-check the amended application (if applicable) and arrange for an authorised signatory to submit the final application to the Leverhulme Trust.

Please note that Research Services cannot submit applications after 5pm regardless of the deadline set by the funder.

Need help?

Contact your divisional funding specialist for help with completing your application