Research Councils (Je-S)

The Research Councils' web-based Joint Electronic Submission system (Je-S) is used for grant applications and award administration by AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC, NERC, STFC, Innovate UK, the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) and the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs).

UKRI Funding Service to replace Je-S

Over the next two to three years, UKRI will be replacing its existing grant systems, including Je-S, with a new service called the UKRI Funding Service. It will be based on a new, digital platform that will make it simpler and quicker for researchers, research offices and innovators to submit funding applications. The new system is a user led design and a number of Research Services staff are working with UKRI during the design and implementation. Further updates and information will be added to this webpage over the coming months.

To keep up-to-date with the service as it develops, if you are a researcher, research office or expert assessor, visit the UKRI Funding Service web page. UKRI will be posting regular updates and a set of FAQs.

Details of the first pilot to be run through the UKRI Funding Service have now been published. The pilot is the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) New Generation Thinkers Opportunity.

Any questions or queries about the UKRI Funding Service and the AHRC New Generation Thinkers pilot should be directed to the UKRI Funding Service helpdesk or the helpline: 01793 442900.



How to apply for funding

In addition to the guide below, the Je-S online help guide provides more detailed guidance on how to complete Je-S application forms.

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To be named on a grant application, or to create, edit, submit or approve an application, you will need a Je-S user account. There are different user account types, so please ensure that you choose the appropriate type to match your role.

Some account types (eg as required by a principal investigator (PI) or co-investigator (Co-I) but not fellowship applicants) require University approval before they are activated. You should therefore allow sufficient time for your request to be processed/approved within the application process.

Alternatively, administrative accounts are unregistered and can be created immediately and will allow users to be selected as staff, project partners, referees, or to prepare applications and perform approver functions (eg to submit applications to Research Services for approval).

For further details please refer to the Je-S online help section on setting up a Je-S account.


The PI creates the initial Je-S application online and grants access privileges to their project team (eg co-applicants, research assistants and administrative staff), as appropriate, to enable them to edit the application.

The Je-S form should include staff costs and the funder-specific supplementary documentation attachments.



Once the PI completes and submits the online application it is routed automatically to the department for review. At this stage, the PI cannot edit the application until it is ‘returned’ by the department.


Members of the departmental Je-S approver pool are notified by a system-generated email that an application has been received and that a designated member of the pool should assign it to themselves for review.

If amendments are necessary, the department either makes these directly (depending upon local preferences) or returns the application to the PI, who revises and resubmits the application to the department for final checking and approval.


Once the department has agreed that the proposal may proceed it must:

  • submit the application to the relevant Research Services submitter pool at least five working days before the deadline
  • notify the relevant Research Services contact and/or generic applications inbox by email that the application is ready for review
  • confirm that the application costing has been completed by emailing the X5 reference to the relevant Research Services contact at least five working days before the relevant deadline.


Research Services checks the application within five working days and notifies the PI or department of any suggested amendments, returning the application to the PI or department as appropriate.

NB: Research Services does not review grant applications under £100k or fellowships under £1 million unless requested by the department. See the application process overview for further details.


The PI revises the application, as appropriate, and resubmits it for final approval through the process described above.


Research Services rechecks the revised application and arranges for an authorised signatory to approve the application for submission to the funder.

All Research Council applications must be submitted by 4pm on the day of the deadline.

Access for departmental administrators

JeS Departmental Approvers

The Je-S departmental approver form should be used to authorise staff to take on the role of departmental/divisional approver. This enables administrators to approve and submit research grant applications and accept awards and other documentation on behalf of the department/division. This form can also be used to amend or remove access – please use one form per user.

JeS Proposal Reviews

The Je-S proposal review access form should be used to grant departmental/divisional access to peer review comments. This form can also be used to amend or remove access – please use one form per user.

JeS Additional Funding Notifications

Additional Funding Notifications are issued to Research Organisations (RO) via JeS when additional funds are added by a Research Council (RC) to an active Grant. Only Research Services, Research Accounts and Divisional Offices (for studentships) have access to this area. Any queries regarding these notifications should be referred to your Research Services Team (for Research Grants) or Divisional Office (for Student grants).