Open access: RCUK APC allocation policy finalised for 2018-19

On 1 July 2018 the University revised its policy for allocating funds from the RCUK Open Access block grant for article processing charges (APCs) and article-related charges, in order to best manage the new grant which was greater than had been anticipated. It means we will now pay APCs for hybrid (subscription) journals with a ‘green route’ embargo longer than six months for science/medicine as well as for fully open access journals.

From now on authors should apply at the point of acceptance (instead of at article submission), which is the same timing as Wellcome Trust/COAF block grant and ‘Act on Acceptance’. The APC team will advise if funds are available in our block grant and if the journal is eligible. Authors should in all cases deposit the accepted manuscript into ORA via Symplectic within three months of acceptance.

The policy applies to applications received from 1 July 2018. Applications which were made between 1 April and 30 June and were turned down are not eligible for re-consideration.

More information can be found on the Open Access Oxford website

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