Knowledge Exchange & Impact Team (KEIT)

Local industrial strategy

Positioning research and innovation in Oxford's local industrial strategy and the Oxford–Cambridge corridor discussions

Knowledge exchange support

Developing an environment supportive of knowledge exchange activities across the institution

Oxford–UIDP summit

Organising a conference for universities and industry from the US and Europe to meet, build networks and foster collaborations

Entrepreneurship support

Supporting innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship by connecting, encouraging and developing initiatives and programmes

Corporate memberships

Managing the institutional memberships of networking organisations to promote Oxford and develop opportunities

Regional innovation capacity building

Supporting regional funding projects and building partnerships to support knowledge exchange and collaboration


Communicating activities, outputs and opportunities around knowledge exchange and innovation


Connecting people, places and opportunities in knowledge exchange in all its forms across the University

Head of team

Dr Stuart Wilkinson


5 Worcester Street, Oxford
Mailing address: University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD