Training for clinical researchers

The UK policy framework for health and social care research requires that each member of the research team, including those at collaborating sites, is qualified by education, training and experience to discharge their role in the study, and that their qualifications are documented. The chief investigator is responsible for making sure all staff are appropriately trained for their role.

Online training

For all clinical research (CTIMP and non-CTIMP)

Our online training covers good clinical practice (GCP) and good research practice (GRP).

This fully up-to-date course is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and endorsed by TransCelerate.


  • Protocol and associated documents
  • Applications, agreements and approvals
  • Trial master files
  • Conducting the trial
  • Safety reporting

A test consisting of revalidation quizzes is available online for those with clinical trial experience.

Good clinical practice

For CTIMP research

This full-day course provides an introduction to the principles of good clinical practice. It is not suitable for those with extensive experience in clinical trials.

Good research practice

For non-CTIMP research

Our introduction to good research practice (GRP) course covers the legislation that applies to non-CTIMP research, as well as detailed principles of good practice in clinical research studies.

Obtaining ethical & HRA approvals

This 90-minute presentation outlines how research is governed in the UK, including a step-by-step guide to applying for approval. The presentation is followed by a drop-in session with governance staff from the University and OUH.

GCP awareness

Short GCP awareness sessions may be available on request for support services staff (eg radiology and laboratory staff, clinical nurses).

NIHR training

NIHR also offer a range of GCP training courses including online and local face-to-face courses.

Bespoke presentations

We are sometimes able to provide bespoke training. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Human Tissue Act training

The Human Tissue Governance Team details on their website further training requirement on Human Tissue Act.

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