KE Seed Fund

This fund provides support for early-stage innovative knowledge exchange ideas. It can also add onto existing projects, to build or develop new KE around current activities, and support documenting case studies.


Enquiries are welcome.  The most recent deadline was 22 June 2019.  A further call round is expected with deadline between late September 2019 and late October 2019  


Typically £2,000 to £4,000 per project. Applications for £100 to £5,000 are invited.


University of Oxford staff, excluding college-only staff. See the call document for full details.

Call for applications

KE Seed Fund call details   

Application form

KE Seed Fund application form   

KE Seed Fund at a glance

KE Seed Fund at a glance   


Enquiries are requested in the first instance, which may take the form of a discussion or an emailed application or outline.  Application would then be by email to the Fund Manager, cc’d to the Fund’s email address, and cc’d to your authoriser. See the call document for further details about the application.


Reporting Proforma for PIs after the end of a KE Seed Fund project.  Proforma    
Alternatively you can do this online.


Matt Smart

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