Oxford-Canterbury (NZ) Exchange Programme

Impact of COVID-19

The Oxford-Canterbury (NZ) Exchange Programme is open to applications in 2022, for visits to occur in 2023. The effect of COVID-19 on travel will be closely monitored. Government advice will guide all decision-making in relation to travel and may change with minimal notice. Queries can be directed to the University of Canterbury’s Erskine Programme Office (erskine@canterbury.ac.nz).


The University of Oxford and the University of Canterbury have a long association. It dates back to the design of the University of Canterbury's town site, the donation of books to College House, and a series of distinguished Oxford visitors to Canterbury over the years. In recognition of these links the Oxford/Canterbury Exchange Programme was established in 2002.

The goal of the Oxford/Canterbury Exchange Programme is to build on the academic links that have already been developed and to benefit the students and staff of both universities by funding the regular visits of academic staff members.

The scheme is primarily administered by the Erskine Programme at the University of Canterbury,

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Nationality: all

Status: members of academic staff (normally as part of a sabbatical year)

Subject: any subject area taught at the University of Canterbury

Other criteria: Under the Oxford/Canterbury Exchange Programme, Visiting Oxford Fellowships may be awarded to academic staff members of the University of Oxford who are already advanced in the learning of any subject taught at the University of Canterbury for the purpose of giving lectures to students in such subjects at the University of Canterbury and contributing generally to the teaching programme.

Please note:

  • Under the terms of the Oxford-Canterbury Programme, all bench fees and any other such charges must be borne by the receiving department and cannot be passed on to visiting staff members. Oxford departments, rather than the central University, will be responsible for meeting these and any other financial commitments agreed to.
  • any Oxford academic thinking of applying for a Fellowship must contact the relevant department at Canterbury and obtain a supporting letter from the Head of Department.
  • The University of Canterbury now funds all fellowships with assistance from its Erskine Bequest. Further information on the Oxford/Canterbury Exchange can be found on the University of Canterbury website.

Duration: normally 1–3 months, with possibility to extend to 4 months if approved at the time of the nomination

Value: A Visiting Oxford Fellow at the University of Canterbury will receive a grant-in-aid that takes account of a return air fare only (London/Christchurch) by the most direct and economical route, and a daily allowance towards living expenses (NZ$100). When relevant, a second airfare will be offered for a spouse/domestic partner or other immediate family member living at the same address for a minimum visit, excluding travelling time, of 28 nights during the period of the Fellowship. The family member need not travel with the visitor in either direction. Please note that the University of Canterbury does not remit cash overseas to visitors for travel purposes or make cash reimbursements for visitors' travel, after arrival.

Accommodation for the Visiting Erskine Fellow and immediate family member/s will be arranged and paid for by the University for the period of the Fellowship. Any additional rental along with long distance (toll) telephone calls and internet charges will be billed separately to the visitor. While every effort to meet the accommodation requirements of the visitor will be made no specific style or standard can be guaranteed.

Number: 3 fellowships each year

Applications will open in April with a deadline of 10 July 2022. Successful applicants will be notified in September 2022.

Please contact erskine@canterbury.ac.nz for more information on how to apply.

A Visiting Oxford Fellow normally remains on full salary from the University of Oxford for the duration of the leave.

They will receive office space, shared secretarial support, library and computer privileges, and honorary membership of the Staff Club for the duration of the visit at no cost.

At the conclusion of the visit, they shall send to the Erskine Programme Manager, University of Canterbury, a brief report regarding the activities of the visit for the purpose of facilitating international benchmarking in curriculum, teaching and learning. The report will be circulated to the University of Oxford Council and to the University of Canterbury Senior Management Team and academic departments.

Please contact erskine@canterbury.ac.nz for a copy of the information for staff and visitors.


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