Sir Jules Thorn Award for Biomedical Research

Deadline: noon on Monday 09 September 2019

The University of Oxford has been invited to submit one application for the Sir Jules Thorn Award for Biomedical Research. Each year the Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust offers a single award for an outstanding quality researcher in the early years of an established research and academic career. Funding of up to £1.7million is available over a maximum of five years to support a programme of translational biomedical research. 

Projects must involve patients and have a clear strategy defining how the research will translate into patient benefit. There must be a clear specification of the hypothesis based on pre-clinical experimental data supporting the rationale of the clinical study, arising from the applicant’s own work. Funding is restricted to work, including data collection, carried out in the United Kingdom.

The Sir Jules Thorn Trust will not fund the University’s overheads, therefore it is essential that applicants approach their Department in good time to seek support for their application and to develop an X5 costing for the proposed project. A Departmental Approver must also approve the application in IRAMS. The award may not be used to meet the salary costs of the applicant who should be in an institutionally funded post for the duration of the grant. The work involved in a project must be the major commitment of the Principal Applicant, comprising at least 70% of their research time or 50% of their total time, whichever is greater.

Further details about the scheme can be found Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust website.

Those wishing to apply must submit an expression of interest via IRAMS by noon on Monday 09 September 2019. The expression of interest should consist of the following:

  • no more than two pages of A4 summarising the proposed research, and explaining why it would be suitable for a translational study, the timescale for clinical applicability, the unmet need which is to be investigated and how the research will meet that need
  • a one page CV for the principal investigator, including key publications

The successful nominee will be notified by 02 October, after which they will be required to submit their Preliminary Application directly to the Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust by 31 October 2019.
Please direct questions about the call to