University Challenge Seed Fund (UCSF)

The University Challenge Seed Fund (UCSF) is a translational fund focused on projects that can make a near term impact and has the potential for future commercialisation. It is not aimed at fundamental research.

Projects should be less than 12 months in duration. Awards range from £20k to £250k.

The fund is financed by the University and Oxford Sciences Innovation (OSI). Should a project be commercialised into a spinout then the award will be converted into shares at the point of spinout. Those shares will be split between the University and OSI.
The UCSF is not a specific COVID-19 fund. Projects that are COVID-19 related will be considered by the UCSF committee outside the normal quarterly review process. It is open to all divisions and departments who wish to apply for translational funding.
For advice please contact your department’s OUI License and Venture Manager in the first instance. For any follow-up questions please contact either Jaz Jandor at or Adam Workman at

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