Research Information Management and Technology Sub-Committee (RIMTS)

Meeting dates

RIMTS meeting dates
Meeting date Time Deadline for papers
13 October 2022 3–5pm 5 October 2022

16 February 2023

2–4pm 8 February 2023
25 May 2023 11am–1pm

17 May 2023



The Research Information Management and Technology Sub-committee (RIMTS) acts as the Research IT Board. It has responsibilities to both IT Committee (ITC) and Research and Innovation Committee (R&IC).

In its capacity as Research IT Board, RIMTS is responsible to IT Committee (ITC) for providing governance and oversight of a programme of projects and initiatives funded through the IT Development Fund, together with a portfolio of related services.

RIMTS also works collaboratively with the other IT Boards, which report to IT Committee, to deliver the IT Development Plan.

1. Planning and prioritisation: Each academic year, RIMTS will contribute to the identification and prioritisation of projects requiring funding from the IT Development Fund. The Subcommittee will invite the submission of priorities from the four Academic Divisions, GLAM, UAS Departments and IT Services to be considered in Hilary Term, with the prioritised list to be signed off in Trinity Term and submitted to IT Committee at the end of the academic year. The Subcommittee will present IT Committee with a preliminary report on ongoing and prospective projects which shows how they align with the University's strategic goals and priorities and its vision and direction for the coming year. The Subcommittee will take responsibility for ensuring that the outcomes of projects delivers the expected contribution to the University's overarching strategic goals and priorities.  IT Committee will take responsibility for alignment with IT strategic objectives.

2. Terms of Reference:

(a) In relation to Research and Innovation Committee: to provide expert advice and make recommendations on the following, both in response to direct referrals and arising from its own review:

(i) To give strategic consideration to the management of information for enhancing the research mission of the University informed by new tools, technologies and developments (eg Open Science/Open Research);

(ii) To facilitate the development of policy and support structures designed to ensure effective management of academic research data and records; and

(iii) To maintain oversight of the strategy and implementation policy for the collection and organisation of data on outputs, impacts and research environment to meet the requirements of the Research Excellent Framework (REF) and those of other research funders, (eg UKRI).

(b) In relation to IT Committee:

(i) To develop and keep under review a three-year plan for investment across research IT initiatives with IT Committee, ensuring it is aligned with the University's Strategic Plan, the IT Strategic Plan and the Digital Strategy, and that it delivers benefit to the University and provides value for money;

(ii) Within the three-year plan, annually agree a prioritised programme of activity and, within limits set by the IT Committee, make decisions regarding the release of funds for projects;

(iii) To ensure that the Subcommittee’s activities are developed in consultation with relevant stakeholders;

(iv) To ensure the impact of decisions on the University's operating structures is appropriately considered;

(v) To monitor progress and expenditure on the projects within its remit, receiving direct reports from the programme and/or associated project boards;

(vi) To oversee the identification, performance, development and decommissioning of services within the Board’s remit which are offered by IT Services, or other units as appropriate;

(vii) To receive reports from user groups within its domain;

(viii) To report or escalate specific matters of concern to IT Committee or other appropriate groups;

(ix) To provide an annual report on projects and activities of the Board to IT Committee;

(x) To contribute to the ongoing development of the IT Strategic Plan;

(xi) To form strong relationships with other IT Boards to ensure co-ordination in planning and projects, understanding of drivers for change and an understanding of business priorities.

RIMTS will be supported by IT Services' Planning, Governance and Assurance group and work closely with the programme and the IT resources which support it.


Members and attending officers

RIMTS membership
Name Position
Professor Patrick Grant Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) who shall chair the committee
Professor Brent Mittelstadt One academic person appointed by the Social Sciences Division
Dr Sam Sneddon One person appointed by the Social Sciences Division
Professor Wes Armour One academic person appointed by the MPLS Division

Martin Edmunds

One person appointed by the MPLS Division

Professor Brian Marsden

One academic person appointed by the Medical Sciences Division
Tony Brett One person appointed by the Medical Sciences Division
Vacancy One academic person appointed by the Humanities Division
Dr Michele Warren One person appointed by the Humanities Division
Amy Warner May One person from GLAM
Dr Michael Fraser Director of Infrastructure Services, IT Services
Mike Hutchinson Programme Manager (Research), IT Services

Rowan Wilson

Acting Head of Research Computing and Support Services, IT Services

Professor Moritz Riede

One (academic) IT Fellow who has been appointed by the Conference of Colleges

Dr Stephen Conway Executive Director, Research Services
Dr Tanita Casci Director, Research Services (Research Strategy and Policy)
David Saunders Research Information Manager, Research Services


Members are appointed for three years in the first instance, but appointments are renewable. Members are asked to provide a range of perspectives, i.e. divisional, departmental and users/non-users. Terms of office are staggered to avoid all appointments being up for renewable at the same time.


RIMTS has the facility to co-opt up to two persons for a year in the first instance, but renewable.


RIMTS will consult with other University bodies as required, for example the Research Computing Board.


RIMTS is expected to meet twice a term. In the interest of efficiency, business may be conducted between meetings with the agreement of the chair and members.


The quorum for meetings shall be four people, who are either members or administrative persons nominated by the four academic divisions. The members should be external to IT Services for the quorum to be satisfied.