Access to BI research reports


BI research reports have been designed for heads of departments, departmental administrators, research support officers, research finance officers, research facilitators and staff in similar roles in departments and divisions.

All BI research reports require:

  • an Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • registered access to the BI research reports
  • a University-networked computer or VPN

If you click on a BI research report's hyperlink without being registered you will be informed that you are not authorised to access Tableau (Tableau is the software used by the BI research reports).

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To add or change access to the BI research reports please complete the BI Tableau user access form.
Approval by your head of department, departmental administrator, divisional secretary or assistant registrar (research) will be required.

The BI research reports contain legacy departments. If access to this historical data is required then it will need to be specifically requested by ticking the box ‘Department/s not in list’ and manually adding the department name and code to the access request form. Please see the ‘Guidance for using the online BI Tableau user access form’ document for the full list of legacy departments.

Guidance on completing the form:


It is your responsibility to ensure that any reports or data downloaded is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the University’s policy on data protection and comply with the University's information security policy.

See the full BI research reports terms and conditions of use