Activity reports from GoPro


GoPro holds data about applications, awards, contracts and intellectual property rights management from 2006/07 onwards. Applications and awards data for 2013/14 onwards are also available in the X5 reports.

The X5 reports give slightly different figures to the GoPro reports as X5 captures more data. The differences are explained in detail on the X5 reports page.

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These reports provide data from FY2006/07 to date on research grant applications submitted, new awards set up (and amendments made to existing awards), research-related contracts that have been negotiated, and intellectual property rights management checks that have been made. These reports provide a view of your department or division’s research portfolio and are useful in comparing trends from year to year.

Please note that the values in the reports relate to the total value of the grant or contract across its lifetime, and not to income in a given year. The dates reflect the date the application was submitted, the award was set up, the contract was negotiated or the IP check was completed.


GoPro data also feeds these reports: