REF Project Board

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Contact: Kirsty Allen (Secretary)

Members and attending officers

Name Position
Professor Ian Walmsley Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) who shall chair the sub-committee


Professor Matthew Wood

Academic REF lead for Medical Sciences Division

Associate Head (Research)

Professor Alison Noble

Professor Charlotte Deane

Academic REF lead for Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division

Associate Head (Research)

Professor Roger Goodman

Professor Mark Pollard

Academic REF lead for Social Sciences Division

Associate Head (Research)

Professor Karen O'Brien

Professor Daniel Grimley

Academic REF lead for Humanities Division

Associate Head (Research)

Professor Maggie Snowling One of the two Conference of Colleges representatives on Research Committee
Vacancy Research Committee representative
Dr Richard Liwicki Acting Director of Research Services, senior officer with responsibility for REF

Professor Helen Small

Professor Patrick Grant

Professor Paul Smith (alt Professor Simon Hiscock)

Co-opted members


Secretary: Kirsty Allen

Attending officers

Ms Trudy Coe (Equality and Diversity Unit)

Divisional officers: Dr Sam Sneddon (SSD), Dr Andrew Fairweather-Tall (HUM), Leila Whitworth (MSD), Dr Keri Dexter (MPLS)

Special Advisers: Professor Alis Oancea (Department of Education), Ms Anne Harkness/Ms Liz Mitchell (Personnel), Ms Judith Finch (CoC)

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