REF Project Board

The REF Project Board is a sub-committee of the University’s Research & Innovation Committee, whose terms of reference and membership has been revised following the results of REF 2021. The updated terms of reference and membership were approved by the Research and Innovation Committee on 22 October 2022.

REF Project Board: Terms of Reference

The REF Project Board will report in an advisory capacity to Research & Innovation Committee on the following:

  • Strategic overview of the timetable and preparations for all elements of the REF submission, including oversight of risks related to the project.
  • Appropriate strategies and policies relating to the REF submission.
  • Progress against fulfilling the Funding Councils’ requirements for the REF submission, including equality considerations and compliance with data requirements, and agreement and implementation of the REF Code of Practice across the University.
  • Undertake a “lessons learned” programme following publication of the REF results, and oversee actions to improve preparedness for future research assessment exercises, including a greater emphasis on data informed decision-making.

In addition to the strategic tasks listed above the Board will:

  • Provide a forum to discuss issues arising within Units of Assessment and divisions during REF preparations, to agree optimum approaches, and to involve all relevant parts of the Collegiate university.
  • Agree principles and practices relating to communications on the future REF to ensure academic staff remain aware of REF requirements.
  • Recommend to Research & Innovation Committee the resourcing needed to support the future REF exercise and any changes, reflecting the lessons learned and the needs of departments, divisions, Research Services and other relevant functions.

Members and attending officers

REF Project Board membership
Name Position
Professor Patrick Grant Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) who shall chair REF Project Board

Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg

Academic REF lead for Medical Sciences Division



Academic REF lead for Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division


Professor Heather Viles


Academic REF lead for Social Sciences Division


Professor Daniel Grimley

Professor Abigail Williams

Academic REF lead for Humanities Division (also Deputy Chair of REF Project Board)


Professor Sir John Vickers Conference of Colleges representative
TBC Research & Innovation Committee representative
Professor Paul Smith Gardens, Libraries and Museums representative
Professor Tom Buchanan Department for Continuing Education representative
Professor Alison Etheridge Panel member from previous REF exercises invited by the Board

Professor Helen Small

Panel member from previous REF exercises invited by the Board
Dr Stephen Conway Executive Director of Research Services, senior officer with responsibility for REF

Attending officers

Dr Anne Mortimer, Research Evaluation Lead, and Secretary to the Board

Dr Eugenio Barrio, Research Information Lead

Dr Tanita Casci, Director, Research Strategy and Policy Unit (RSPU)

Ms Martha Buckley, Research Evaluation Programme Manager and note taker

Ms Arija Crux, Research Evaluation Coordinator

Mr Vernal Scott, Head of the Equality and Diversity Unit

Ms Ruth Kinahan, Deputy Director, Personnel Services

Ms Sarah Rowles, HR Analytics Team Human Resources

Ms Leila Whitworth, Mrs Shelly Anne Stringer, MSD

Mr Martin Edmunds, Dr Irene Scullion, MPLS

Dr Sam Sneddon, Dr Gillian Willis, SSD

Dr Michele Warren, Dr Tim Davies, Humanities

Dr Bernard Gowers, Conference of Colleges

Dr Harriet Warburton, GLAM

Ms Amy Warner May, Bodleian Libraries staff member (to improve links to OASG)

TBC, Digital Transformation project representative