A tool for managing award projects

MARS is an application that supports research award management at Oxford. It combines information drawn from R12, X5 and CoreHR in a new in-house built web application, with an easy-to-use visual user interface.


From Oracle R12 (updated weekly)

  • portfolio of current research award projects with project dates and investigator names
  • direct costs by top task and expenditure category, displayed in a graph
  • overheads, displayed in a graph
  • graphs toggle between actual amounts and run rates

From CoreHR (updated monthly)

  • names and FTE of staff who are directly paid from the project

    From X5 costing and pricing (updated nightly)

    • investigator FTE allocations
    • Project reference codes (GoPro, X5, funder and department references)

    Dashboard – combines information from Oracle R12 and X5 costing and pricing

    • upcoming key dates
    • overall overheads for the department, displayed in a graph
    • application pipeline of upcoming projects
    • success rates

    Project data can be enriched with key dates, website links and free text notes.

    Please note that data from Oracle R12, X5 and CoreHR cannot be changed within MARS. Any changes need to be made within each system.

    Access to MARS

    There are two types of MARS users:

    • departmental user managers
    • standard users

    Departmental user managers are set up by the MARS helpdesk, and grant access to standard users in their department.

    Both types of users have the same read-only access to all department data in MARS.

    Please note: Staff in Divisional Offices who require access to MARS are set-up by the MARS helpdesk as standard users for the departments in their division. These staff need to complete the MARS 'Standard user – Divisions' request form, obtain authorisation from their Divisional Secretary/Financial Controller and email the completed form to

    Each department should have one or two departmental user managers. These departmental user managers should be sufficiently senior so they can grant access to standard users.

    To be set up as departmental user manager, please complete the MARS departmental user manager request form, have it approved and emailed to by your head of administration, head of department or similar
    senior role.

    This page describes how to grant access to standard users: MARS help website

    Please note that standard users will see all your department’s data.

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