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If you need to request an extension to your award or submit your final report, you should do this via the ‘funding decisions’ tab on IRAMS.

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Awards are managed in accordance with the University’s Financial Regulations.

Further information on the financial management of John Fell awards can be found on the Financial accounting website.

It is a condition of all John Fell awards that applicants submit a final report on the use of the award and the extent to which the research it has funded has fulfilled its objectives and expected outcomes. The final report is due within 3 months of the end of the award. 

A reporting tool has been incorporated into the online system and is available throughout the period of the award. Report submission is exclusively via this mechanism. 

Any unspent funds remaining after the project end date are returned to the Fund.

If you encounter unavoidable delays in your project, you may request an extension via the online system, using the 'request extension' tool, accessed via the ‘funding decisions’ tab.

Extension requests will be forwarded to your department before review by the Research Services John Fell team.

Extension requests must be fully justified by the PI.

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