Open Access Steering Group

The Open Access Steering Group is a collaborative group comprising Research Services, the Bodleian Libraries, OUP and the academic divisions. The Steering Group is where both the service providers of the Open Access Service and the consumers of this service are represented. Furthermore, the Steering Group aims to provide oversight and coordination on all matters open access, and to advise colleagues on priorities and key issues. The Steering Group is accountable to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) and Research and Innovation Committee, and generally meets six times every year.

2019/20 meeting dates
Date Time
Thursday 14 November


Tuesday 17 December 10.30–12noon
Thursday 27 February 3.30–5pm3.30–5pm
Thursday 14 May 3.30–5pm
Thursday 2 July 3.30–5pm



1. To advise and seek views from Research & Innovation Committee on

a. changes to the University’s Open Access Publications Policy anticipating and reacting to developments in Open Access dissemination both nationally and internationally, to best serve the University’s constituent parts

b. the allocation policy for Open Access block grants to ensure funds are allocated equitably without resulting in overspends or underspends

c. the consequent long terms resources implications of meeting the University’s responsibilities

2. To undertake advocacy and influence funders’ open access policies, including UKRI, Wellcome and COAF, together with publishers’ open access policies

3. To ensure implementation and compliance of the REF 2021 open access policy and the open access policies of subsequent REF exercises 

4. To monitor changing funder requirements and helping researchers to meet these, keeping a watching brief on open access policies of significant funders at Oxford, and providing advice on changing requirements, ways to comply, sources of funding

5. To advise the Research Information Management and Technology Subcommittee on the system and related IT requirements of the Open Access service, for example Symplectic Elements and the Oxford Research Archive (ORA) or their replacements, their performance and enhancements, having regard for recommendations from the Open Access Operational Group and the Symplectic Elements User Forum

6. To advise on information and training for researchers and administrative staff, for example Bodleian iSkills training sessions, other training, OAO website, subject librarian support services 


Open Access Steering Group membership
  Name   Conditions of appointment
1 Dr Phil Clare Deputy Director of Research Services (Knowledge Exchange and Engagement) who shall chair the Group
2 Tim Davies One person nominated by the Social Sciences Division
3 Martin Edmunds One person nominated by the MPLS Division
4 Rachel Ives One person nominated by the Medical Sciences Division
5 Becky Lumbard One person nominated by the Humanities Division
6 Dr Deepa Nath One person from an academic department
7 Amy Warner May Associate Director, Scholarly Resources
8 Juliet Ralph Open Access Subject Librarian
9 Beth Gibbs Head of Open Access Collections
10 Jonathan McAslan E-Resources and Open Access APC Manager
11 Andy Redman One person nominated by OUP
12 Dr Lotte Boon Head, Research Systems and Information Management Team, who shall serve as secretary to the group
13 Kirsty Allen Head of Research Evaluation & Impact, and REF Programme Manager
14 Dr Eugenio Barrio Research Information Manager


Members are encouraged to nominate a deputy when they are unable to attend a meeting. OASG has the facility to co-opt additional people for fixed periods of time, depending on the focus of the group at a particular time.