Research Services redesign

New team structure

Staff from existing teams will come together into five new teams. These include four business teams, each led by a director, and a supporting team:

  • Innovation and Engagement Team
  • Research Strategy and Policy Unit
  • Research Funding and Contracts Team
  • Research Governance, Ethics and Assurance Team
  • Administration and Finance Team

This new, streamlined structure will enable us to work more efficiently and to be more responsive and resilient to the University’s changing needs. 

The expertise and support we provide will not change, but it will be easier for colleagues to identify and access our full range of services.

Team remits

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  • knowledge exchange policy, strategy and services
  • enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • regional engagement and place
  • public and societal engagement with research
  • policy engagement
  • due diligence for research exploitation
  • IP rights management and education
  • OUI interface and innovation policy
  • strategic innovation projects and Strategic Innovation Fund
  • innovation infrastructure and communications
  • impact tracking, planning and evaluation
  • support for strategic business team activity

Staff will come from the existing Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team (KEIT), Intellectual Property Rights Management Team, and Public Engagement with Research Team, alongside new staff and members of cross-University project teams.

  • institutional research strategy
  • research evaluation, insight and information
  • external research and innovation policy engagement
  • Research & Innovation Committee and related groups
  • internal funding scheme management
  • promoting research integrity
  • custodians of research policies
  • coordinating change initiatives
  • external research evaluation exercises (including REF)
  • research information systems

Staff will come from the existing Committees and Internal Funding Team, REF Team, Research Integrity and Ethics Team, and Research Systems and Information Management Team.

  • divisional engagement
  • comprehensive research funding support
  • research contracts
  • strategic research development, major projects and ventures
  • funder and business engagement
  • funding assurance and due diligence
  • research funding systems and reporting
  • RISN coordination

Staff will come from the existing Medical Sciences Team, Science Area, Humanities, Social Sciences and GLAM Team, European & International Team, and Research Systems and Information Management Team.

  • support, expertise and training for research involving human participants and use of human tissue and personal data
  • compliance and assurance with external policy, standards and regulatory frameworks
  • clinical research sponsorship and study oversight
  • research ethics
  • risk management and research insurance services

Staff will come from the existing Clinical Trials and Research Governance Team (CTRG), Research Integrity and Ethics Team, Human Tissue Governance Team, and Risk and Insurance Team

  • operational and business management support
  • budgeting and financial planning and management
  • HR and people support services
  • coordination of administrative support
  • internal communications
  • space planning, health and safety
  • executive support

Staff will come from the existing Operations Team and Research Systems and Information Management Team.

What happened

There were some changes in roles, with a small number of new posts, a few differences in responsibilities, and some job title changes to improve consistency and clarity. However, the expertise remain the same, and in most cases your main Research Services contacts did not change. Where key contacts or processes changed the relevant team should have provided details to the colleagues and departments they work with. 

Leadership structure

  • Executive Director, Research Services – Dr Stephen Conway
  • Director, Innovation and Engagement – Dr Olga Kozlova
  • Director, Research Strategy and Policy Unit – Dr Tanita Casci 
  • Director, Research Funding and Contracts – Dr Tamsin Sayer 
  • Director, Research Governance, Ethics and Assurance – Heather House
  • Head of Administration and Finance – Monica Kundan Finlayson (acting)

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