Health Research Authority (HRA) and NHS Research Ethics Service

Any research project that involves recruitment of NHS patients, staff, premises, resources (pharmacy, radiology or laboratories) or data/tissue in England must go through the HRA approval process.

HRA approval brings together the assessment of governance and legal compliance with the independent opinion provided through the NHS Research Ethics Committee (NHS REC). More information about the Health Research Authority (HRA) approval is available on the HRA website and on the IRAS website.

Additionally you will need to work with the NHS Trust R&D office(s) to confirm local capacity and capability to carry out your project at NHS site(s). If your lead site is the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, please contact the OUH R&D department for further information and advice.

Any application that is to be submitted to the HRA and NHS REC (where required) must be prepared using the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS). Clear instructions as to how to complete the form, with question-specific guidance, is available on the IRAS website. CTRG staff will be happy to provide advice.

Forms are web-based and can be worked on repeatedly prior to submission. Documents to submit to the HRA are itemised on a checklist provided on IRAS. CTRG needs to review all documents prior to submission. Please allow sufficient time for this and do not book a slot until advised by CTRG to do so.

Once CTRG have approved your application you will need to submit the application via the IRAS system. This will then be directed within the HRA to the REC and the HRA approval process.



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