Oxford Tropical Research Ethics Committee (OxTREC)

The Oxford Tropical Research Ethics Committee (OxTREC) is one of CUREC’s three subcommittees. It is responsible for reviewing the ethics of University medical research involving human participants and personal data which takes place outside the UK and the EU, or where the research is funded by the US National Institutes of Health or another US federal funding agency. OxTREC review does not replace the need for ethical review within the country where the research will take place.

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The committee is constituted in accordance with the University regulations on CUREC subcommittees (Part 13 of Council Regulations 15 of 2002). These regulations, in conjunction with the standing orders of OxTREC, detail the remit of the committee, its responsibilities, requirements for quorum, and requirements (for the committee and researchers) for record keeping and audit.



The committee includes members from a range of academic and non-academic disciplines. Some members are internal to the University and have academic positions. Of the academic members, some are 'research active' but others are not currently involved in research with human participants or personal data.

The committee also has external members who bring valuable expertise and perspectives from non-academic and non-educational sectors. In this way it is hoped the members together reflect the interests of researchers, participants and third parties. Appointed members serve for four years and are re-eligible. For full details of committee membership requirements, see Part 13.8 of the Council Regulations.

Please note: any queries about the committee should be sent directly to oxtrec@admin.ox.ac.uk and not to individual members.


OxTREC membership
  Name Department Conditions of appointment Until start of
[1] Professor Kevin Marsh (Chair) Nuffield Department of Medicine Two persons appointed as chair and vice-chair of the subcommittee by the Research and Innovation Committee of Council, ideally one of whom shall not currently be involved in research involving human participants or personal data. One of the persons appointed as chair or vice-chair may be external, but not both. MT 2024
[2] Professor Persephone Borrow (Vice-Chair) Nuffield Department of Medicine As above
MT 2026
[3] Ms Catherine Barnes External One person, who may be external, appointed by CUREC on the recommendation of the chair of the relevant subcommittee whose primary personal or professional interest is not in research involving human participants or personal data MT 2027
[4] Dr Jill Shankleman External One person, who may be external, appointed by CUREC on the recommendation of the chair of the relevant subcommittee whose primary personal or professional interest is not in any particular research area HT2027
[5] Ms Ushma Galal Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences No fewer than three, and no more than eight, persons, one of whom may be external, appointed by CUREC on the recommendation of the chair of the subcommittee, who have methodological and ethical expertise relevant to the proposals which each subcommittee will be expected to scrutinise MT 2026
[6] Dr Ivo Elliott Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust As above MT 2025
[7] Dr Ruth Horn Ethox Centre; Nuffield Department of Population Health As above MT 2025
[8] Dr Jennifer Hill Nuffield Department of Medicine As above MT 2025
[9] Dr Catherine (Kitty) Smith Department of Paediatrics As above TT 2023
[10] Professor Brian Angus Nuffield Department of Medicine As above HT 2026
[11] Vacant   As above  
[12] Vacant   As above  
Co-opted (The subcommittee may co-opt up to four additional members, who may be internal or external, and who shall hold office for such period as the subcommittee may determine)
[13] Dr John Park External Co-opted HT 2027
[14] Dr Monique Andersson Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust Co-opted MT 2027
[15] Dr Andrew Brent Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust Co-opted MT 2025

Secretary: Dr Rosemary Musesengwa



OxTREC delegates review of minimal risk applications to the OxTREC secretariat where appropriate. Minimal risk applications are  reviewed on a rolling basis. All other applications are reviewed by the full committee, which meets six times a year.

Whether a study qualifies as minimal risk or not is a decision taken by OxTREC and not the applicant. See the OxTREC application process page for further information about the application process.

Studies approved by OxTREC in 2021
OxTREC reference PI name Study title Research type Countries involved Approval date
10-20 Gracia Fellmeth Perinatal mental health in India: a validation and cohort study Clinical research India 13/1/21
571-20  Yi Yi Khine A national prospective hospital-based survey of snakebite envenoming in Myanmar Minimal risk Myanmar 19/1/21
60-20 Neo Tapela Potlako+, a multilevel intervention to improve timely cancer detection and treatment initiation in Botswana Clinical trial (NCT04141449) Botswana 26/1/21
501-21 Ilina Singh Amplifying the voices of young people for sustainable development in mental health Minimal risk Brazil 27/1/21
58-20  Ilina Singh Engaging Young People in the Development of Digital Mental Health Innovation in Africa Clinical research South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya 3/2/21
503-21 Caitlin Cahill Fecal Immunochemical Testing for Colorectal Cancer Screening in Adults Minimal risk Canada 3/2/21
45-20 Arjune Sen Accelerating solutions for Global Epilepsy with Novel Diagnostics and Apps (The AGENDA study) Clinical research Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, Brazil 4/2/21
59-20 Yoel Lubell Determining the causes and outcomes of febrile illness in health care facilities in rural South and Southeast Asia, as part of the South and Southeast Asian Community-based Trials Network (SEACTN). Work Package B (WP-B) Clinical research Laos, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand 10/2/21
505-21 Lhuri Rahmartani Experience of prelacteal feeding practice in Indonesia from the perspectives of health professionals: a qualitative study Minimal risk Indonesia 11/2/21
8-21 Adrian Hill A Phase III randomized controlled multi-centre trial to evaluate the efficacy of the R21/Matrix-M vaccine in African children against clinical malaria Clinical trial (NCT04704830) Burkina Faso, Mali, Kenya, Tanzania 12/2/21
507-21 Abigail Beane Development of a quality indicator set to measure and improve quality of ICU care for patients in a nine country Critical care Registry collaboration in Asia (CCA) Minimal risk Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam 22/2/21
42-20 Emer Liddy Randomised controlled trial to determine the efficacy of thermotherapy in comparison with intralesional meglumine antimoniate to treat cutaneous leishmaniasis in an operational setting in Syria Clinical trial Syria 24/2/21
509-21 Goylette Chami SchistoTrack: Determinants of schistosomiasis infection and morbidity as part of the Oxford-Uganda Collaboration on Schistosomiasis Minimal risk Uganda 24/2/21
2-21 Neo Tapela Improving control of Hypertension in a high HIV prevalence setting: A feasibility cluster-randomized trial (coHHP Study) Clinical trial Botswana 2/3/21
55-20 Michael Levin Diagnosis and Management of Febrile Illness using RNA Personalised Molecular Signature Diagnosis Clinical research Nepal 3/3/21
502-21 Nameerah Khan Relationship between arsenic contamination, subclinical arsenicosis, and psychosocial outcomes: A cross-sectional study in rural Bangladesh Minimal risk Bangladesh 18/3/21
511-21 Arjun Chandna Validation of paediatric severity scores and biochemical biomarkers in young children presenting with an acute respiratory syndrome: a secondary analysis of data from the Maela cohort Minimal risk Cambodia 23/3/21
513-21 Nguyen Van Vinh Chau Immunogenicity of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in Vietnamese people Minimal risk Vietnam 24/3/21
514-21 Paul Turner An observational study to determine nasopharyngeal and gastrointestinal microbiota dynamics in Cambodian children following healthcare exposure Minimal risk Cambodia 31/3/21
*10-21 Meghan Leaver An ethnographic study of six intensive care units within the CRIT CARE ASIA network: a qualitative analysis of the behaviours and practices that underpin the delivery of safe, effective care Minimal risk India, Bangladesh, Laos 31/3/21
504-21 Oliver van Hecke Antimicrobial stewardship in publicly-funded primary healthcare clinics in the Cape Metro, South Africa: an implementation study Minimal risk South Africa 12/4/21
516-21 Kaajal Patel Determining the ethical values for healthcare programmes implemented by international non-governmental organisations Minimal risk Cambodia 13/4/21
515-21 Hoa Ngo The presence of bacteria in infants’ gastrointestinal tract Minimal risk Vietnam 13/4/21
517-21 Thomas Peto Expanding the roles of village malaria workers: Operation research in Cambodia Minimal risk Cambodia 19/4/21
523-21 Richard M Berry Backscattering dark field microscope for automated malaria detection Minimal risk Cameroon 29/4/21
508-21 Allan Dafoe Artificial Intelligence (AI) Public Opinion Survey Minimal risk Online 4/5/21
521-21 Marc Choisy A hospital-based sero-surveillance system to investigate community exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and assess the level of population protection against vaccine-preventable diseases measles and diphtheria Minimal risk Vietnam 5/5/21
522-21 Ilina Singh A roadmap co-created by caregivers on navigating the mental healthcare streams in Ghana and their intrinsic challenges: terminology, conceptualisations, and resources Minimal risk Ghana 10/5/21
518-21 Yingxi Zhao Development and validation of a multi-language “clinical internship experience scale” for low- and middle-income countries Minimal risk Uganda, China, Burundi, Tanzania, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Vietnam 10/5/21
510-21 Cindy Chu Exploring the knowledge, attitude and practice towards Plasmodium vivax malaria and radical cure in the setting of near elimination Minimal risk Thailand 18/5/21
526-21 Elizabeth Ashley A pilot study to investigate the risk of SARS-CoV-2 household transmission following hospital discharge of confirmed cases in Vientiane Capital, Laos Minimal risk Laos 19/5/21
566-20 Germana Bancone Evaluation of point-of-care diagnostics to identify G6PD deficiency in Mae Sot, Thailand Minimal risk Thailand 19/5/21
524-21 Paul Turner A Clinically-Oriented Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Network – Phase 2 Minimal risk Cambodia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao PDR, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Vietnam 20/5/21
519-21 Lenny Ekawati Impact of distance to health facility and degree of illness on treatment seeking behaviour for acute febrile illness (AFI) in eastern Indonesia (DISTANTT) Minimal risk Indonesia 20/5/21
527-21 James Gilchrist Host genetic determinants of rotavirus disease and immunity in African children Minimal risk UK, Kenya, Zambia, Uganda 3/6/21
*9-21 Rinn Song Novel and Optimized Diagnostics in Pediatric Tuberculosis in Kampala, Uganda Clinical research Uganda 3/6/21
525-21 Abigail Beane Rapid evaluation of the barriers and enablers to improving processes that determine quality of care for critically ill patients Minimal risk Ghana, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia 7/6/21
528-21 Scholastica Zakayo Maternal health and Medicine quality: real-world challenges for frontline healthcare workers in the context of uncertainty Minimal risk Kenya 8/6/21
506-21 Sophie Yacoub Pulse waveform Assessment in Children and Adults with Dengue with D-SCAPE Minimal risk Vietnam 8/6/21
530-21 Marian Knight Establishing the Ethiopian Obstetric Surveillance System (EthOSS): building a network and testing feasibility Minimal risk Ethiopia 9/6/21
533-21 Emiko Bell Validating OCS-EF & RACER as a Measure of Executive Function for Adolescents in Low- to Middle-Income Countries Minimal risk UK, Kenya, Peru, and South Africa 11/6/21
520-21 Sally Frampton Infecting minds? The past, present and future of vaccine hesitancy in South Africa Minimal risk South Africa 15/6/21
531-21 Sophie Yacoub Understanding the role of decision making and clinical decision support systems in the management of acute dengue infection Minimal risk Vietnam 17/6/21
538-21 Catherine Louise Thwaites A pilot study to examine heart rate variability and risk of cardiovascular disease in people living with HIV in the outpatient clinic – Hospital for Tropical Diseases Minimal risk Vietnam 18/6/21
529-21 Phaik Yeong Cheah Evaluation of 'AMR Dialogues': a public engagement initiative to shape policies and solutions on antimicrobial resistance in Thailand Minimal risk Thailand 22/6/21
532-21 Christiane Hagel The use of data to improve quality of neonatal hospital care in LMICs Minimal risk United States of America, United Kingdom, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania 23/6/21
*12-21 James Berkley A Pilot Study to Assess the Association Between HIV Exposure, Acute Malnutrition, and High Mortality Rates Among Children Admitted to Hospital in Migori and Homa Bay Counties Clinical research Kenya 23/6/21
*7-21 Cindy Chu Optimizing the dose of tafenoquine for the radical cure of Plasmodium vivax malaria in Southeast Asia Clinical trial (NCT04704999) Thailand, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam 6/7/21
537-21 Neo Tapela Assessing the potential role of a novel hand-held device (the Intelligent Breast Exam), in breast cancer screening in Botswana: A feasibility pilot study Minimal risk Botswana 7/7/21
24-21 N J White Finding treatments for COVID-19: A phase 2 multi-centre adaptive platform trial to assess antiviral pharmacodynamics in early symptomatic COVID-19 (PLAT-COV) Clinical trial Brazil, Indonesia 12/7/21
540-21 Freek de Haan Expert perspectives on the deployment of Triple Artemisinin Combination Therapies (TACTs) in Southeast Asia: a Delphi study Minimal risk Thailand 14/7/21
545-21 Direk Limmathurotsakul Barriers and facilitators to the adoption of blood culture sampling recommendations Minimal risk Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia 22/7/21
541-21 Cervantée Wild Understanding barriers and facilitators for implementing NCD policies in Libya Minimal risk Libya 26/7/21
544-21 Mayfong Mayxay Establishing COVID-19 vaccination policy research and decision support initiative in Asia and a regional study on immunity passports Minimal risk Laos, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Thailand 27/7/21
542-21 Céline Caillet Multi-country survey of the quality of selected essential antibiotics circulating in four countries Minimal risk Bangladesh, Mozambique, Kenya, Vietnam, Ghana 29/7/21
14-21 Raph Hamers Efficacy and Tolerability of Adjunct Metformin in Combination with Multidrug Treatment for Multibacillary Leprosy: A Randomized Double-blind, Controlled Proof-of-Concept Phase 2 Trial in Indonesia Clinical trial Indonesia 29/7/21
13-21 Bob Taylor The anti-infectivity efficacy and pharmacokinetics of WHO recommended single low dose primaquine in children with acute Plasmodium falciparum Clinical trial Burkina Faso, Thailand 29/7/21
*11-21 Andrew J Pollard Assessing the medium term impact of a Vi-Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine in preventing typhoid infections among Nepali children Clinical research Nepal 30/7/21
15-21 Nicholas P J Day A clinical study to assess the safety and feasibility of controlled blood-stage Plasmodium vivax human malaria infection through experimental inoculation of cryopreserved infected erythrocytes in healthy Thai adults Clinical trial Thailand 5/8/21
16-21 James Watson Pilot phase 2 trial to optimise pharmacometric assessments in Chagas disease (CHARM: CHAgas disease PharMacometrics) Clinical trial (ISRCTN26467068) Brazil 10/8/21
539-21 Jienchi Dorward Assessing Implementation of Differentiated care Adaptations to HIV services during COVID-19 (AIDAH) Minimal risk South Africa 12/8/21
23-21 Sue Ann Costa Clemens Study of the Effectiveness of the COVID-19 Recombinante/Fiocruz Vaccine® against Different Variants of SARS-CoV-2 in the Municipality of Botucatu-SP Clinical research Brazil 12/8/21
546-21 Anita Makins A project to evaluate how an international online workshop about contraception affects the knowledge and practice of those who attend Minimal risk Online (participants from Niger, Mali and Guinea) 13/8/21
534-21 Richard Maude Sustaining village health worker programmes with expanded roles in the GMS: Landscaping survey and implementer interviews Minimal risk Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam 24/8/21
535-21 Richard Maude Expanding the role of village malaria workers in remote rural communities: a stakeholder analysis in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam Minimal risk Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam 24/8/21
550-21 Gabriela Pavarini Youth empowerment for mental health action: A randomised controlled trial of a chatbot intervention Minimal risk Brazil 25/8/21
22-21 Raph Hamers Real-world assessment of the immunogenicity and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in Indonesia (INVITE Study): Longitudinal observations of vaccine-induced immune responses, adverse reactions and SARS-CoV-2 breakthrough infections Clinical research Indonesia 26/8/21
551-21 Duy Pham Thanh The bacterial etiology and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of lower respiratory and intra-abdominal infections in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 1/9/21
21-21 Arjen M Dondorp Convenience and cost-aspects of a new 1-step reconstitution injectable artesunate compared to conventional 2-step injectable artesunate for the treatment of severe falciparum malaria: a multi-centre study Clinical trial Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Thailand 6/9/21
548-21 Caterina Fanello Pregnant women attending antenatal care services as a sentinel population for antimalarial drug resistance genetic surveillance in Africa Minimal risk Democratic Republic of Congo 8/9/21
543-21 Ni Ni Tun Pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV infection among men who have sex with men and transgenders in Suburban Yangon, Myanmar Minimal risk Myanmar 9/9/21
36-21 Jacob McKnight The CINAMR (Clinical Information Network-Antimicrobial Resistance) Project: A pilot microbial surveillance using hospitals linked to regional laboratories in Kenya Clinical research Kenya 15/9/21
536-21 Julie Huynh Detecting raised intracranial pressure in Vietnamese children with tuberculous meningitis Minimal risk Vietnam 15/9/21
555-21   Anne Osterrieder    Evaluation of the Bangkok Health Research and Ethics Interest Group (HREIG) Minimal risk Thailand, online 23/9/21
547-21 Konstantina Ilia Karydi Non-Physician Anaesthesia Providers' Perspectives on Task Sharing: A Qualitative Study Minimal risk Zambia, Somaliland 23/9/21
18-21      Nicole Zitzmann Association of metabolic parameters and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease with the development of severe dengue fever Clinical research Sri Lanka 29/9/21
553-21 Matthew Wood Identification and In vivo potency of new exon skipping oligonucleotides Minimal risk United Kingdom, Japan   29/9/21
552-21 Richard Maude Sustaining village health worker programmes with expanded roles in the GMS: Community surveys and interviews in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam Minimal risk Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam 29/9/21
554-21 Kristen Westenskow What factors affect the quality of surgical care in Sub-Saharan African hospitals? A qualitative interview study from the perspective of providers Minimal risk United Kingdom 30/9/21
19-21 Bob Taylor Assessing new paediatric tablets of primaquine as radical cure in Ethiopia Clinical trial Ethiopia 5/10/21
556-21 Lorenz von Seidlein Ivermectin Treatment of Livestock for Malaria Control on Sumba Island Minimal risk Indonesia 6/10/21
564-21 Gabriele De Luca Biomarker Signatures of Disease Progression in Multiple Sclerosis Minimal risk United Kingdom 14/10/21
  558-21     Simon Draper Identification and isolation of anti-PvCSP monoclonal antibodies from VMP1 Minimal risk United Kingdom 14/10/21
557-21 Nguyen Van Vinh Chau The clinical features, epidemiology, immunology and host genetics associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection in children and adults in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam Minimal risk Vietnam 20/10/21
562-21 Simon Draper Characterisation of humoral and cellular immune responses, mAb isolation and sero-status analysis in RH5 and rabies vaccinated volunteers Minimal risk United Kingdom 25/10/21
563-21 Thomas Kesteman Mixed Methods Studies of the Potential and Feasibility of Microbiology Minimal risk Vietnam 1/11/21
565-21 Piero Olliaro A prospective cohort study to describe the morphology of buboes in patients with bubonic plague using ultrasound imaging Minimal risk Madagascar 3/11/21
568-21 Peter Horby Evaluation of Supportive Care Guidelines for Epidemics: Implementation Case Study: Viral Haemorrhagic fevers and Covid-19 guidelines in Uganda, Chikungunya guidelines in Indonesia Minimal risk Indonesia, Uganda 16/11/21
20-21 Rose McGready Breastfed child exposure to tafenoquine and primaquine during treatment in lactating women Clinical trial (NCT04984759) Thailand 17/11/21
566-21 Proochista Ariana Qualitative assessment of impact of better antibiotic identification Minimal risk Indonesia 17/11/21
560-21 Nipaphan Kanthawang Co-creating information materials with communities to improve the Informed Consent process Minimal risk Thailand 17/11/21
34-21 Audrey Dubot-Pérès Antibody response to an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine in adults in Lao PDR Clinical research Laos 22/11/21
570-21 Tan Le Van Immunogenicity of Abdala COVID-19 vaccine in Vietnamese people Minimal risk Vietnam 24/11/21



Studies approved by OxTREC in 2020
OxTREC reference PI name Study title Research type Countries involved Approval date
60-19 Katherine Plewes Evaluating the renoprotective effect of paracetamol in paediatric severe malaria: a randomised controlled trial Clinical trial (clincialtrials.gov: NCT04251351) Democratic Republic of Congo 7/1/20 
46-19 Arturo Reyes-Sandoval A single centre, double-blind, double-dummy placebo-controlled, randomised Phase Ib Study to Evaluate the Safety and Immunogenicity of the Candidate Chikungunya Virus vaccine ChAdOx1 Chik and the Zika Virus vaccine ChAdOx1 Zika in Healthy Adults in Mexico, given as Standalone Vaccines or Co-Administered Clinical trial Mexico 7/1/20
529-19 Sonia Lewycka Development of two community-based interventions targeting inappropriate antibiotic dispensing and use behaviours in Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 13/1/20
42-19  Thuy Le Making an early diagnosis of talaromycosis – a strategy to reduce morbidity and mortality in advanced HIV disease in Southeast Asia Clinical research Vietnam 15/1/20
563-19  Symon Kariuki Impact of RTS,S/AS01 vaccine and insecticide treated bed nets on neurobehavioral impairments and school participation in children from rural Kenya (Mal-Brain study) Minimal risk Kenya 16/1/20

Margie Peden

Preventing Childhood injuries in Uganda – development of a child safety kit; preparation for a cluster randomized controlled trial Minimal risk Uganda 16/1/20
528-19 Sonia Lewycka Generating collective solutions to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 29/1/20
52-19 Piero Olliaro Impact of improved diagnostic tools, practices and training and communication on acute fever case management and antibiotic prescriptions for children and adolescents presenting at outpatient facilities in Lower and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT04081051) Ghana, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Nepal, Myanmar 30/1/20
502-20  Juan Carrique-Mas Role of the veterinary pharmacy in the provision of advice on  antimicrobial use to poultry farmers in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap Minimal risk Vietnam 3/2/20
66-19 Jienchi Dorward Point-Of-care HIV viral load testing to Enhance Resuppression: POwER Clinical research South Africa 6/2/20
63-19  Frank Smithuis An adaptive clinical trial to determine the optimal initial dose of lyophilized, species specific monovalent antivenom for the management of systemic envenoming by Daboia siamensis (Eastern Russell’s viper) in Myanmar Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT04210141) Myanmar 6/2/20
58-19 Arjun Chandna Prediction of disease severity in young children presenting with acute febrile illness in Cambodia Clinical research Cambodia 13/2/20
59-19  Yoel Lubell Prediction of disease severity in young children presenting with acute febrile illness in resource-limited settings Clinical research Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam 13/2/20
51-19 Timothy Walker Prospective observational cohort study on multi-drug resistant tuberculosis acquisition in Vietnam Clinical research Vietnam 13/2/20
503-20 Juan Carrique-Mas Engaging veterinary drug shops to reduce antimicrobial use and antimicrobial resistance in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 13/2/20
504-20  Tri Wangrangsimakul The Global Research on AntiMicrobial resistance (GRAM) Project – Chiangrai Minimal risk Thailand 26/2/20
36-18 Arjen Dondorp A multi-centre randomised controlled non-inferiority trial to compare the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Triple Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies versus first-line ACTs + placebo for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Asia Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT03939104) Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India 27/2/20
506-20  Alan Stein Developing guidelines for communicating to children about parental depression in low and middle income settings Minimal risk South Africa 4/3/20
7-20 Le Van Tan Clinical, epidemiology and causes of paediatric encephalitis in southern Vietnam Clinical research Vietnam 5/3/20
514-20 Le Van Tan CoV-2 in quarantined individuals as isolation centres for COVID-19 Minimal risk Vietnam 5/3/20
507-20 Katrina Lawson How evidence is used to inform health policy in Viet Nam Minimal risk Vietnam 5/3/20
511-20 Caroline Jones Community and local stakeholder perceptions and responses to Ivermectin MDA for malaria control: Understanding the context and influences on uptake Minimal risk Tanzania, Mozambique 6/3/20
64-19 Jienchi Dorward PHILA: Point of care HIV viral Load testing in a community ART programme Clinical trial (PACTR202002785960123) South Africa 11/3/20
3-20 Ni Ni Tun Feasibility study of cervical cancer screening and determining the prevalence of HPV infection and HPV-related changes with different techniques in a high risk population attending the MAM HIV satellite clinics in Yangon, Myanmar Clinical research Myanmar 11/3/20
4-20 Thuy Thuong Thuong Nguyen Improving diagnosis of pleural tuberculosis Clinical research Vietnam 12/3/20
505-20  Sjöfn Evertsdottir Is an 18-session CBT group therapy for people with psychopathology due to childhood abuse (CA) feasible and acceptable in Icelandic clinical setting? Minimal risk Iceland 12/3/20
57-19  Inge Sutanto Serological screen and treat trial for P. vivax: a proof-of-concept trial in eastern Indonesia Clinical trial (NCT04223674) Indonesia 13/3/20
516-20 Sophie Yacoub Developing automated point of care ultrasound for Cardiac, Lung and Muscle examination in critical illness Minimal risk Vietnam 24/3/20
512-20 Richard Maude Operational research on LLIN and LLIHN usage and associated factors in mobile and migrant populations and forest goers in Ubon Ratchathani and SI Sa Ket provinces Thailand Minimal risk Thailand 24/3/20
513-20 Kartika Saraswati Serological Investigation of Risk of Exposure to Scrub Typhus in Residence at an Oil Palm Plantation in North Sumatra Relative to Urban Dwellers at Medan, North Sumatra (SEROSCRUB) Minimal risk Indonesia 24/3/20
27-20 Guy Thwaites A multi centre randomized open label trial on the safety and efficacy of chloroquine for the treatment of hospitalized adults with laboratory confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in Vietnam Clinical trial (NCT04328493) Vietnam 27/3/20
515-20 Claudia Turner Perinatal mortality in Preah Vihear Province, Cambodia: its determinants and the communities understanding, practices and beliefs around stillbirth and neonatal death Minimal risk Cambodia 1/4/20
25-20 Nicholas White Chloroquine prevention of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the healthcare setting; a placebo-controlled prophylaxis study (COPCOV) Clinical trial (NCT04303507) Thailand, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Cambodia, Viet Nam, India 2/4/20
519-20 Nguyen Thuy Thuong Thuong Understanding Tuberculous Meningitis Using Omics Studies Minimal risk Netherlands, United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany 7/4/20  
518-20 Ngo Thi Hoa Carriage duration of colistin-resistant bacteria in farming community and genetic relatedness with pathogenic strains Minimal risk Vietnam 20/4/20
526-20 Jose Villar Effects of COVID-19 in pregnancy on maternal, fetal and newborn outcomes in the INTERGROWTH-21st global network Minimal risk Worldwide 20/4/20
510-20  Wangari Waweru-Siika Impact of a Nurse-Led Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Service on Time to Diagnosis in Adults with Acute Cardiorespiratory Failure: A Mixed Methods Service Evaluation of the Kenyatta National Hospital and Aga Khan University Hospital Nairobi Accident and Emergency Departments Minimal risk Kenya 21/4/20
520-20 Phaik Yeong Cheah Social, ethical and behavioural aspects of the novel coronavirus pandemic Minimal risk Thailand, Malaysia, Italy 22/4/20
21-19 Vivekanand Jha A cluster randomised trial of an innovative, low-cost primary care programme for the detection and management of type 2 diabetes in rural Thailand Clinical trial (TCTR20200322006) Thailand 23/4/20
521-20 Marta Ferreira Maia Impact of repeated ivermectin mass-drug administration campaigns on malaria vector populations and their transmission activity in Rufiji, Tanzania and Mopeia, Mozambique Minimal risk Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya 23/4/20
522-20  Louise Thwaites Physiological waveform analysis to predict severity of disease in dengue and sepsis Minimal risk Vietnam 23/4/20
523-20  Jacob McKnight Exploring stakeholder perspectives of the implementation of novel innovations in intensive care units at Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 23/4/20
6-20 Nhu Thi Hoa A Phase IV, multi-centre, open-label study to determine the safety, tolerability and clinical outcomes following oral administration of EGATEN™ (Triclabendazole) in patients (6 years of age or older) with fascioliasis Clinical trial
Vietnam 11/5/20
15-20 Lorenz von Seidlein A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to assess the safety, pharmacokinetics, and efficacy of escalating doses of oral ivermectin in scabies infected children weighing 5 to less than 15 kilograms Clinical trial (NCT04332068) Bangladesh, Brazil, Kenya, Mozambique 12/5/20
36-19 Sophie Yacoub Metformin as adjunctive therapy in overweight and obese patients with dengue: an open-label safety and tolerability trial Clinical trial (NCT04377451) Vietnam 12/5/20
531-20 Gavin Screaton Human immune response to novel coronavirus Covid-19 infection Minimal risk China, UK 14/5/20
524-20 Elliott Taylor Interventions to reduce blood loss during and after caesarean delivery in Africa: A Delphi consensus study Minimal risk South Africa 18/5/20
529-20 Proochista Ariana Maternal and Neonatal Health in Liberia:  A synthesis of evidence and identification of gaps Minimal risk Liberia 19/5/20
530-20 Tetyana Vasylyeva Spatial and temporal rapid epidemiological analysis in migrants Minimal risk Ukraine 20/5/20
527-20 Sarah Lewington Obesity and non-communicable disease in Malaysia: an imaging study of 6000 adults in the Malaysian Cohort Study Minimal risk Malaysia 26/5/20
535-20 Ben Cooper Keep calm and wash your hands - optimising community hand hygiene interventions to combat COVID-19 Minimal risk Thailand 2/6/20
2/6/20 Frank Smithuis Determining the risk factors for children with rickets and vitamin D deficiency in Naga region, Myanmar Clinical research Myanmar 4/6/20
534-20 Yoel Lubell Expanding the role of village health workers for the management of febrile illness in remote rural communities: a stakeholder analysis in Bangladesh, Laos and Myanmar Minimal risk Bangladesh, Laos and Myanmar 5/6/20
35-20 Andrew Pollard An adaptive phase I/II randomized placebo-controlled trial to determine safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of non-replicating ChAdOx1 SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in South African adults living without HIV; and safety and immunogenicity in adults living with HIV Clinical trial
South Africa 10/6/20
33-20 George Warimwe A phase Ib/II single-blinded, randomised, controlled study to determine safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of the candidate Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) vaccine ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 in adults in Kenya Clinical trial
Kenya 11/6/20
539-20 Paul Turner Evolutionary and epidemiological dynamics of multi-strain bacterial respiratory pathogens: Haemophilus influenzae and Moraxella catarrhalis in Cambodia Minimal risk Cambodia 11/6/20
36-20 Andrew Pollard A Randomised, Controlled, Phase III Study to Determine the Safety, Efficacy, and Immunogenicity of the Non-Replicating ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Vaccine Clinical trial (ISRCTN89951424) Brazil 12/6/20
532-20  Anna Schuh Early prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection in hospital healthcare workers and validation of SARS-CoV-2 point-of-care antibody testing in Tanzania Minimal risk Tanzania 12/6/20
65-19 Inge Sutanto Reducing the risk of Plasmodium vivax relapse after acute Plasmodium falciparum malaria in co-endemic areas - a randomized controlled trial Clinical trial
Indonesia 16/6/20
537-20 Guy Thwaites A pilot study to access elevated intra-cranial pressure and risk of neurological complications in high-risk tuberculous meningitis patients in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 16/6/20
525-20 Stephanie Atkinson What women want: a qualitative analysis of women's motivation to pursue surgery Minimal risk Canada 18/6/20
550-19 Phaik Yeong Cheah The social and ethical awareness, understanding and perception of healthy volunteers and wider community about controlled malaria human infection study Minimal risk Thailand 18/6/20
61-19 Jeroen Bergmann 3D Printed Breathing-Powered Prosthetic Arm for Children Clinical trial (ISRCTN15596121) India 22/6/20
16-20 Eduard Sanders Use of Bexsero immunisation to detect cross reactive antigens and anti-gonococcal antibodies in key populations in Kenya Clinical trial (NCT04297436) Kenya 24/6/20
533-20 Lorenz von Seidlein Star Homes – better health through better housing: Phase 2 house evaluation Minimal risk Tanzania 2/7/20
540-20 Bridget Wills Exploring attitudes to dengue research involving human subjects among university students in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 2/7/20
544-20  Abigail Beane Implementing the CRIT CARE ASIA registry in seven countries across Asia: a qualitative study of stakeholder perspectives Minimal risk Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka 8/7/20
43-19 Nicholas Day A clinical study to assess the feasibility of a controlled human Plasmodium vivax malaria infection model through experimental sporozoite infection in Thai Adults Clinical trial
Thailand 9/7/20
536-20 Josephine Agyeman-Duah Setting up a national scale intervention to improve the care of babies born preterm in Ghana: implementation of the INTERGROWTH-21st postnatal growth standards and feeding recommendations for preterm infants (INTERPRACTICE-21st) Minimal risk Ghana 9/7/20
538-20 Evelyne Kestelyn Conducting qualitative research methods in healthcare settings in Vietnam: perspectives of ethics committee members and researchers Minimal risk Vietnam 9/7/20
541-20  Vilada Chansamouth Evaluating the impact of a Lao language mobile phone antimicrobial use guideline application on antimicrobial prescribing in Laos Minimal risk Laos 17/7/20
545-20  Lynne Elson Neem (Azadirachta indica) solution to control off-host stages of Tunga penetrans Minimal risk Kenya 17/7/20
543-20 Yoel Lubell Determining the incidence, causes and outcomes of rural febrile illness (RFI) in South and Southeast Asia, as part of the South and Southeast Asian Community-based Trials Network (SEACTN). Work Package A (WP-A) Minimal risk Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh 23/7/20
546-20  Ngo Thi Hoa Streptococcus pneumoniae carriage in healthy and community-acquired pneumonia children in the community: the prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles in Vietnam (CHANCES) Minimal risk Vietnam 29/7/20
62-19 François Nosten Characterizing the humoral immune response against salivary antigens of Southeast Asian mosquito vectors of malaria and dengue with a human challenge model

Clinical trial

Thailand 30/7/20
46-20 Dr Suwarti Validation of SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis with Gene Xpert platform and saliva on FTA filter paper for remote sites in Eastern Indonesia (SCOVEX) Clinical research Indonesia 31/7/20
47-20 Arjun Chandna Prognostication of Oxygen Requirement In non-severe SARS-CoV-2 infection   Bangladesh 5/8/20
39-20 Kamala Thriemer EFFectiveness Of novel approaches to Radical cure with Tafenoquine and primaquine (EFFORT) – a randomized controlled trial in P. vivax patients Clinical trial
Australia, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Indonesia 6/8/20
28-20 Buddha Basnyat Azithromycin and cefixime combination versus azithromycin alone for the out-patient treatment of clinically suspected or confirmed uncomplicated typhoid fever in South Asia; a randomised controlled trial Clinical trial
Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh 12/8/20
72-19  Alan Stein Applying Behavioural Activation (BA) as a Psychological Intervention for Adolescents in Uganda Clinical research Uganda 13/8/20
38-20  Thuong Nguyen Thuy Thuong Evaluation of New Diagnostics for Active and Incident Tuberculosis Clinical research Vietnam 17/8/20
41-20 Elizabeth Ashley A prospective study of the causes of fever amongst hospitalised patients in Lao PDR Clinical research Laos 20/8/20
44-20 Ambrose Agweyu Surveillance and epidemiologic evaluation of COVID-19 in Kenya (SEECK) Clinical research Kenya 21/8/20
11-20 Charles Newton and Arjune Sen Epilepsy Pathway Innovation in Africa (EPInA) Clinical research Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana 24/8/20
549-20 Rogier van Doorn Ethical and socio-cultural aspects of autopsy in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 1/9/20
550-20  Sarah Bauermeister Traumatic brain injury, childhood adversity and the long-term effects on adult outcomes and dementia Minimal risk UK 1/9/20
551-20 Truong Dinh Bao Supporting the development and evaluation of an Antimicrobial Use Calculator for terrestrial food animals to be deployed in veterinary drug shops in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 7/9/20
50-20 Anis Karuniawati Clinical features, epidemiology, microbiology and immunological response of COVID-19 patients in Indonesia Clinical research Indonesia 9/9/20
29-20 Hao Chung The An observational longitudinal study to investigate the role of Fusobacterium and gastrointestinal microbiota dysbiosis on the resolution of diarrhoea in hospitalized children in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Clinical research Vietnam 9/9/20
552-20 Abigail Beane Physical and psychosocial impact of COVID-19 resulting in critical illness at three months post-discharge from intensive care Minimal risk Pakistan 9/9/20
51-20  Rogier van Doorn National history of SARS-CoV-2 in comparison to influenza A virus in the Ha Nam cohort, Vietnam, part of a multi-site study focused in the Southern Hemisphere and equatorial regions Clinical research Vietnam 11/9/20
548-20 Nguyen Thanh Ha Experiences and challenges related to vaccination in routine practice and during COVID-19 pandemic of healthcare workers and the communities in Dak Lak Minimal risk Vietnam 16/9/20
547-20 Mary Chambers COVID-19 Social Science and Public Engagement Action Research in Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal (SPEAR project): Exploring the experiences and impacts of COVID-19 for healthcare workers and vulnerable communities Minimal risk Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal 17/9/20
554-20 Win Pa Pa Htun Childhood tuberculosis treatment outcomes and mortality risk factors within a migrant population at the Thailand-Myanmar border, 2013-2018 Minimal risk Thailand, Myanmar 22/9/20
56-20 Mohammad Ali Impact of diabetes mellitus on immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 in acute and convalescent COVID-19 patients in Bangladesh Clinical research Bangladesh 24/9/20
9-20 Ally Olotu A Phase Ib clinical trial to assess the safety and immunogenicity of the blood-stage Plasmodium falciparum malaria vaccine candidate RH5.1/Matrix M in healthy adults and infants in  Clinical trial (NCT04318002) Tanzania 30/9/20
56-19 Paola Cicconi A Phase I Clinical Trial of Conserved Mosaic HIV-1 Vaccines in Healthy, HIV-1-negative Adult Volunteers in Eastern and Southern Africa Clinical trial (NCT04553016) Kenya, Uganda, Zambia 30/9/20
553-20  Yoel Lubell Defining the burden of diseases and causes of deaths using electronic verbal autopsy methods as part of the South and Southeast Asian Community-based Trials Network – rural febrile illness project Minimal risk Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh 30/9/20
30-20 Warunee Hanpithakpong Bioanalytical method development and validation for drugs used in tropical diseases in whole blood, plasma and dried blood spot papers by LC-MS/MS Clinical research Thailand 1/10/20
555-20 Krish Chaudhuri The influence of age and experience on the innate dexterity and visuospatial ability of cardiac surgeons Minimal risk New Zealand 1/10/20
557-20 Lorenz von Seidlein Factors affecting implementation of radical cure therapy for vivax malaria in South East Asia and Asia Pacific – a qualitative study among policy makers and stakeholders Minimal risk Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Salomon Islands, Thailand, Vietnam, and Vanuatu 12/10/20
559-20 Pham Thanh Duy The epidemiology and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of bacteria causing bloodstream infections at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 14/10/20
32-20 Adrian Hill A phase I clinical trial to determine the safety and immunogenicity of the candidate RVFV vaccine ChAdOx1 RVF among healthy adult volunteers in Uganda Clinical trial Uganda 15/10/20
43-20 James Berkley Pancreatic Enzymes and Bile Acids: A Non-Antibiotic approach to Treat Intestinal Dysbiosis in Acutely Ill Severely Malnourished Children Clinical trial (NCT04542473) Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Bangladesh 18/10/20
560-20 Guy Thwaites Whole genome sequencing for the rapid prediction of drug susceptibility in patients with suspected multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 19/10/20
558-20 Abigail Beane How does the registry enable audit and feedback in intensive care units and what are the barriers and facilitators to successful audit and feedback? Minimal risk Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam 21/10/20
556-20 Jennifer Ilo Van Nuil & Mary Chambers Community based participatory research to improve engagement with underserved populations at risk for hepatitis C in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 21/10/20
54-20 Tamalee Roberts Evidence for Leishmania in Laos and Myanmar and clinical impact Clinical research Laos and Myanmar 28/10/20
542-20 Vu Thi Lan Huong Economic evaluation of antimicrobial stewardship programs in hospitals in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 29/10/20
562-20  Alan Stein Depressive symptoms, risky behaviours and cognition in a cohort of adolescent women in rural South Africa Minimal risk South Africa 3/11/20
52-20  Audrey Dubot-Pérès Prevalence of bloodborne pathogens in blood donors in Laos Clinical research Laos 4/11/20
70-19 Sumi Biswas A phase Ib age de-escalation and dose escalation open label clinical trial of the safety, immunogenicity and ex vivo efficacy of a candidate malaria vaccine Pfs25-IMX313/Matrix M administered intramuscularly in healthy adults and young children in Tanzania Clinical trial (NCT04271306) Tanzania 4/11/20
53-20 Elizabeth Ashley Case-based surveillance of COVID-19 in Laos Clinical research Laos 12/11/20
564-20 Melvin Obadha Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis to define Kenya’s Universal Health Coverage Essential Benefits Package Minimal risk Kenya 16/11/20
563-20 Yingxi Zhao Examining human resources for health management practices and their consequences in Kenya Minimal risk Kenya 17/11/20
34-20  Alan Stein Digital delivery of Behavioural Activation therapy to overcome depression and facilitate social and economic transitions of adolescents in South Africa Clinical trial (DOH-27-112020-5741) South Africa 25/11/20
569-20 Le Van Tan Antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 and seasonal coronavirus in Vietnamese children Minimal risk Vietnam 25/11/20
49-20  Ni Ni Tun Pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV infection among men who have sex with men and transgender women in Suburban Yangon, Myanmar Clinical research Myanmar 2/12/20
567-20  Lorenz von Seidlein Quantitative G6PD diagnostics followed by treatment decision for vivax malaria: how do village malaria workers perform? Minimal risk Cambodia 3/12/20
565-20 Arjun Chandna Variables influencing survival after admission to paediatric intensive care in a resource-limited setting Minimal risk Cambodia 8/12/20
570-20  Alexandra Alvergne Overcoming contraceptive discontinuation by overcoming side-effects: paving the way for personalized contraception in Ethiopia Minimal risk Ethiopia 14/12/20
568-20 Naomi Waithira Understanding the extent and impact of secondary use of clinical research data with a focus on Low and Middle Income Countries: a cross sectional mixed methods study (REUSE) Minimal risk Various 15/12/20



Studies approved by OxTREC in 2019
OxTREC reference PI name Study title





Approval date
564-18 Stuart Blacksell Optimization and external verification of the DPP® Fever Panel II Assay and the DPP Micro Reader Minimal risk Thailand 3/1/19
49-18 Nzelle Kayem Seroepidemiology of Lassa virus in pregnancy – a prospective hospital-based cohort study Clinical research Nigeria 4/1/19
547-18 Jennifer Ilo van Nui Experiences of hepatitis C care and treatment for participants enrolled in hepatitis related clinical trials at Hospital for Tropical Diseases (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) Minimal risk Vietnam 8/1/19
551-18 Paul Turner Carriage of Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria in Children and their Household Contacts: a Pilot Study in Siem Reap District of Siem Reap Province, Cambodia Minimal risk Cambodia 8/1/19
54-18 James Berkley NeoAMR Global Neonatal Sepsis Observational Study (NeoOBS): A Prospective Cohort Study of Sepsis in Hospitalised Neonates Clinical research Kenya 9/1/19
52-18 Ni Ni Tun Cross-sectional survey of Transmitted HIV drug resistance mutations for ART naïve HIV patients attending the satellite sites of Medical Action Myanmar, nested with prospective observation of the mutation patterns in the patients who do not achieve viral load suppression at 12 months of ART Clinical research Myanmar 7/1/19
55-18 Samuel Akech An evaluation of the cluster-randomised pilot implementation of the RTS,S/AS01 malaria vaccine through routine health systems in western Kenya Clinical research Kenya 11/1/19
565-18 Paul Turner Retrospective Review of Cases of Culture-Confirmed Neonatal Sepsis at the Angkor Hospital for Children (2014-2018) Minimal risk Cambodia 11/1/19
51-18 Direk Limmathurotsakul Sensitivity of a rapid diagnostic test on melioidosis patients in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand (MelRDT) Clinical research Thailand 29/1/19
501-19 Shobhana Nagraj SMARThealth Pregnancy Phase 2: Usability testing of a mobile clinical decision support system for the detection, referral and management of pregnant women at high risk of future cardiometabolic disorders in rural India Minimal risk India 31/1/19
561-18 Jessica Renzella Validation of a brief diet survey instrument among Sri Lankan adults Minimal risk Sri Lanka 6/2/19
503-19 Louise Thwaites Exercise rehabilitation intervention in patients with tetanus. A feasibility study

Minimal risk

Vietnam 6/2/19
502-19 Le Van Tan Serotype prevalence, antimicrobial resistance and evolution of Streptococcus pneumoniae in Southern Vietnam between 2011 and 2017 Minimal risk Vietnam 6/2/19
509-19 Joseph Donovan A study of optic nerve sheath diameter (ONSD) measurements in healthy Vietnamese volunteers using ultrasound (USS) Minimal risk Vietnam 6/2/19
15-19 Anna Schuh Diagnosing children and young adults with suspected lymphoma in East Africa: comparison of conventional pathology with digital scans and liquid biopsies Clinical research Tanzania, Uganda 12/2/19
562-18 Alexandra Alvergne Understanding Reproductive Health in Ethiopia Minimal risk Ethiopia 18/2/19
505-19 Caterina Fanello Baseline assessment of neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia in a cohort of new-borns in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo Minimal risk DRC 21/2/19
507-19 Alan Stein A Focus Group in South Africa to Develop Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals to Communicate with Children and Families about Life Threatening Conditions Minimal risk South Africa 25/2/19
549-18 Evelyne Kestelyn Exploring Informed Consent: Practices and perceptions of the informed consent process in a clinical trials setting in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 25/2/19
510-19 Arjen Dondorp Host and parasite determinants of parasite clearance rates and the efficacy of Artemisinin Combination Therapies and Triple Artemisinin Combination therapies in Plasmodium falciparum infections Minimal risk Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh 27/2/19
511-19 John Gallacher Impact of vascular factors on the trends in dementia incidence Minimal risk USA, UK 27/2/19
512-19 Chi-Hun Kim Impact of vascular factors on the trends in dementia incidence Minimal risk USA, UK 27/2/19
46-18 Nhu Thi Hoa Monitor the susceptibility of malaria parasites (in vivo and in vitro) to Artesunate/Mefloquine used in areas of high malaria transmission in Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam Clinical research Vietnam 4/3/19
16-19 Primus Chi Understanding the social and ethical implications of Controlled Human Infection Model (CHIM) studies in Low and Middle Income Country settings to strengthen policy and practice: The case of the Controlled Human Malaria Infection (CHMI) platform at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kenya Social science research Kenya 5/3/19
506-19 Vira Ameli A pilot study to test the feasibility and acceptability of a mobile-health intervention to achieve high retention in care and adherence to antiretroviral therapy for people newly diagnosed with HIV in Tehran, Iran Social science research Iran 6/3/19
3-19 Mainga Hamaluba  Safety and immunogenicity of a Shigella-tetravalent bio-conjugate vaccine: A phase 1/2 randomized controlled and age-descending study including dose finding in 9-month-old infants Clinical trial Kenya 14/3/19
50-18 Philippa Matthews Liver Disease Study (ULiDS): Assessment of the prevalence, severity, aetiology and risk factors for liver disease in a rural cohort in southern Uganda Clinical research Uganda 14/3/19
47-18 Stephen Baker An open label randomised controlled trial of azithromycin versus ciprofloxacin for the treatment of children hospitalised with dysentery in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT03854929) Vietnam 19/3/19
514-19 Prasanthi Attwood Study on child restraint usage in South Africa Minimal risk South Africa 19/3/19
516-19 Chi-Hun Kim Selection bias on the association between vascular factors and dementia Minimal risk UK (using data from NIH datasets) 20/3/19
518-19 Alan Stein Child development and adult social and human capital: COHORTS Minimal risk South Africa, Philippines, Guatemala, USA 20/3/19
515-19 Noon Altijani      Incorporating Perspectives of Community Skilled Birth Attendants in the Current Process of Reviewing Maternal Deaths in Sudan: A Qualitative Study Minimal risk Sudan 20/3/19
2-19 George Warimwe Non-inferiority fractional-doses trial for yellow fever vaccine Clinical trial  Uganda, Kenya, Senegal 25/3/19
12-19 François Nosten In vitro assessment of antimalarial drugs sensitivity in Plasmodium vivax clinical isolates collected on the Thailand-Myanmar border Clinical research Thailand, Myanmar 27/3/19
5-19 Sophie Yacoub A matched cohort study to investigate the pathogenic mechanisms of dengue severity in overweight/obese patients Clinical research Vietnam 28/3/19
6-19 Christine Rollier Characterising the response induced by typhoid and paratyphoid antigens during natural infection Clinical research India 29/3/19
13-19 Darma Imran Indonesia Brain Infection Study Clinical research Indonesia 29/3/19
48-18 Melissa Kapulu Safety and feasibility of a malaria transmission model in semi-immune Kenyan adults using Plasmodium falciparum sporozoites Clinical research Kenya 29/3/19
      513-19 Qhayiya Magaqa Assessment of the Availability and Accessibility of Rehabilitation Services for Adults with Disability in a rural district of South Africa Minimal risk South Africa 29/3/19
523-19 Andrew Armitage How does iron influence infant immune development? A systems immunology RCT sub-study in Bangladeshi infants Minimal risk Bangladesh 10/4/19
522-19  Alan Stein A Focus Group Discussion in Uganda to Develop Guidelines for Healthcare Professionals to Communicate with Children and Families about Life Threatening Conditions Minimal risk Uganda 10/4/19


Nicholas White A Randomised Crossover Study of the Pharmacokinetics, Safety and Tolerability of two Rectal Formulations of Ceftriaxone compared to parenteral Ceftriaxone, in Healthy Thai Adults Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT03895567) Thailand 11/4/19
53-18 Sonia Lewycka Implementation of CRP Point of Care Testing in Primary Care to Improve Antibiotic Targeting in Respiratory Illness (ICAT) Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NTC03855215) Vietnam 11/4/19
521-19 Toral Gathani Non-communicable disease and primary healthcare systems in rural India: a NCDRI (Non-communicable Disease in Rural India) Collaborators Study Minimal risk     India      11/4/19
24-19      James Ian Campbell Determination of sero-prevalence of Brucellosis & Scrub typhus in acute febrile patients (axillary temperature >38.0 oC) with no clear diagnosis Clinical research Vietnam 16/4/19
 524-19 Nguyen Thi Thuy Ngan A retrospective study of central nervous system infections at Cho Ray hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam Minimal risk Vietnam 16/4/19
35-18 Arjen Dondorp A multi-centre randomised controlled non-inferiority trial to compare the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Triple Artemisinin-based Combination Therapies versus first-line ACTs + placebo for the treatment of uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT03923725) Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Burkina Faso, Nigeria, The Gambia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Niger, Angola, Senegal, Guinea 25/4/19
27-19 Manisha Nair Developing a peer-support intervention to improve post-discharge care and outcomes of preterm babies in Uganda (PREpare: PREterm Post-discharge Peer-support care) Clinical research Uganda 2/5/19
22-19 Shobhana Nagraj SMARThealth Pregnancy Phase 3: A pilot cluster randomised controlled study to assess the feasibility and acceptability of SMARThealth Pregnancy: a complex intervention using mobile clinical decision support system for the detection, referral and management Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT03968952) India 8/5/19
517-19  Thomas Althaus Health seeking behaviours during acute febrile illnesses at the Thai-Myanmar border Minimal risk Thailand 8/5/19
30-19 Ambrose Agweyu Supportive Care and Antibiotics for Severe Pneumonia among Hospitalised Children (SEARCH): A Pragmatic Randomised Controlled Trial Clinical trial Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 9/5/19


Rogier van Doorn Improving antibiotic prescribing through action planning, educational interventions, and data feedback: a two-centre pilot study to assess feasibility and impact of antibiotic stewardship programs in a network of acute care hospitals in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 16/5/19
525-19 Maureen Kelley Resilience, empowerment, and advocacy in women’s and children’s health research (REACH) Minimal risk Malawi, South Africa, Vietnam, Thailand, Kenya, Laos, Cambodia 16/5/19
527-19 Clare Ling Characterisation of M. tuberculosis isolates obtained from displaced populations on the Thailand-Myanmar border using whole genome sequencing and drug susceptibility testing methods Minimal risk Thailand, Vietnam 20/5/19
8-19 Angela McBride Endothelial pathophysiology and long-term outcomes of septic shock and dengue shock in Vietnam: a prospective observational study Clinical research Vietnam 30/5/19
25-19 Kamolchanok Claire Chewapreecha Dissecting the genetic basis of melioidosis infection Clinical research Thailand 30/5/19
504-19 Jonathan Emberson Collection of information on major non-fatal diseases from participants previously recruited into the Mexico City Prospective Study Minimal risk Mexico 30/5/19
18-19 Zhengming Chen China Kadoorie Biobank - Third resurvey Clinical research China 10/6/19


James Ian Campbell Prevalence of Fasciola infection in humans & species determination of Fasciola in cattle in Central Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 18/6/19
533-19 Juan Carrique-Mas A survey of the knowledge of antimicrobials and practices of antimicrobial usage in humans and animals in farming households of Dong Thap, Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 20/6/19
535-19 Samantha Fien-Helfman Strengthening involvement of local communities and broader publics in health research across KEMRI-Centre for Geographic Medicine Research, Coast research sites: documenting, evaluating and strengthening the main engagement systems and structures Minimal risk Kenya 20/6/19

Paul Turner

A Clinically-Oriented Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Network – Pilot Phase Minimal risk Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam 21/6/19
33-19 Dr Suwarti Developing Real-Time PCR (RT-PCR) for Molecular Diagnosis of Leptospirosis in Indonesia Clinical research Indonesia 25/6/19


Elizabeth Ashley A prospective study to describe the aetiology of common gastrointestinal infections and to explore the contribution of zoonotic pathogen transmission and perceptions of foodborne and occupational zoonoses amongst farmers and consumers in Yangon, Myanmar Minimal risk Myanmar 25/6/19


Hoang Minh Tu Van A pilot study to quantify and understand the neurophysiological symptoms of severe hand, foot and mouth disease in Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 3/7/19


Nzelle Delphine Kayem

Recruitment and retention of pregnant women in Lassa fever drug and vaccine clinical trials: Perceptions of pregnant women and their health providers in a Lassa fever endemic zone

Minimal risk Nigeria 3/7/19


Jacobus Kotze Hybrid Clinician-Managers in South Africa: a naturalistic, qualitative enquiry into the combination of professional and managerial roles in healthcare Minimal risk South Africa 9/7/19

Sung-Joon Park

Humanizing the design of the Ebola response in DRC: Anthropological research on humane designs of Ebola treatment and care to build trust for better health outcomes Minimal risk DRC 10/7/19


Helene-Mari van der Westhuizen Understanding healthcare worker and patient perspectives on TB transmission in rural healthcare facilities in the Eastern Cape Minimal risk South Africa 10/7/19


Margaret Peden Evaluating the Decade of Action (2011-2020) Minimal risk South Africa 15/7/19
543-19 Germana Bancone Establishing paediatric references ranges of G6PD activity in healthy male babies Minimal risk Thailand 16/7/19
28-19 Darma Imran High Dose Oral Rifampicin to Improve Survival from Adult Tuberculous Meningitis: A Double-blinded Randomised Controlled Phase III Trial (HARVEST)

Clinical trial

(ISRCTN registry: ISRCTN15668391)

Indonesia, South Africa, Uganda, Netherlands, USA 23/7/19
546-19 Direk Limmathurotsakul A pilot study to evaluate current understandings of infectious diseases and to evaluate utility and attitude towards media for information of infectious diseases among high school students in Ubon Ratchathani, northeast Thailand Minimal risk Thailand 2/8/19
545-19 Marisha Wickremsinhe

Ethical considerations in decision-making for psychiatric inpatient admission without consent: insights from the South African legal, clinical, and sociocultural model

Minimal risk South Africa 2/8/19
40-19 Aung Pyae Phyo A cross-sectional survey and entomological assessment to detect the malaria transmission and malaria immunity in villages 6 years after a Mass Drug Administration pilot project in Kayin state, Myanmar Clinical research Myanmar 14/8/19
32-19 Adrian Hill Safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy of R21/Matrix-M and ChAd63/MVA-ME-TRAP in the context of controlled human malaria infection: A Phase IIb Trial in Kenyan Adults Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT03947190) Kenya


23-19 Richard J Maude An open-label individually randomised controlled trial to assess the efficacy of artemether-lumefantrine prophylaxis for malaria among forest goers in Cambodia Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT04041973) Cambodia 15/8/19
547-19 Cecilia Hoegfeldt An exploratory pilot study of the relationships between gestational diabetes and common perinatal mental disorders in Cape Town, South Africa Minimal risk South Africa 15/8/19


Lynne Elson Epidemiology of Tungiasis in Kenya Clinical research Kenya 16/8/19

Richard Maude

Needs, preferences and challenges for malaria prevention and control among forest goers: a mixed methods study Minimal risk Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia 22/8/19
548-19 Kathy Willis HUMBUG: Developing a mosquito monitoring tool for Least Developed Countries Minimal risk Tanzania, Congo 5/9/19
4-19 Alex Salam Cardiovascular function and ribavirin pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in Lassa fever patients in Nigeria: a prospective observational cohort study Clinical research Nigeria 12/9/19


Elizabeth Ashley

A multicentre cross-sectional survey to estimate the prevalence of Chronic Hepatitis B in pregnant women using an HBsAg point-of-care test

Clinical research

Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom



Clare Ling

Characterisation of the nasopharyngeal microbiome in the first two years of life: further analysis of swabs from the Maela cohort

Minimal risk Thailand 18/9/19


Germana Bancone

Diagnostic accuracy and usability of non-invasive POC tests for neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia in a resource-limited setting at the Thailand-Myanmar border

Minimal risk Thailand 25/9/19


Austin Argentieri

Investigating the Social and Biological Pathways of Health Disparities

Clinical research USA 27/9/19


Phaik Yeong Cheah

Ethical, Social, Regulatory and Market related aspects of Deploying Triple Artemisinin-Based Combination Therapies for Malaria treatment in Africa: Case studies in Burkina Faso and Nigeria

Minimal risk Burkina Faso, Nigeria 3/10/19

Luigi Pisani

Point of care lung ultrasound to differentiate causes of respiratory distress in children with severe malaria Minimal risk DRC 10/10/19


Marta Ferreira Maia

Mosquitocidal effect and pharmacokinetics of different ivermectin dose regimens in preparation for BOHEMIA cluster randomized controlled trial

Clinical research Kenya 18/10/19


Borimas Hanboonkunupakarn

A Randomized, Open-Label Study to Evaluate Potential Pharmacokinetic Interactions of Orally Administered Artemether-lumefantrine and Amodiaquine in Healthy Adult Subjects

Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT0408089)

Thailand 23/10/19
554-19 Myo Maung Maung Swe

Antibiotic use and Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) public awareness survey in Myanmar

Minimal risk Myanmar 23/10/19
45-18 Peter Horby

An open-label, randomised, non-inferiority trial of the efficacy and safety of ciprofloxacin versus streptomycin + ciprofloxacin for the treatment of bubonic plague

Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT04110340)

Madagascar 24/10/19
555-19 Brian Angus Healthcare for Older Persons in Yangon: A systems approach Minimal risk Myanmar 24/10/19
39-19 Rose McGready The pharmacokinetic parameters of tenofovir (TFV) in maternal blood and breast milk in women treated with daily Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF; 300mg) for prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) of hepatitis B virus (HBV) mono-infection Clinical trial (clincialtrials.gov: NCT04114890) Thailand 14/11/19
558-19 Rosaria Rosaria Survey of Biodiversity Awareness for Improving Public Outreach Strategies towards the Achievement of CBD Objectives in Indonesia Minimal risk Indonesia 21/11/19
26-19  Audrey Dubot-Pérès A prospective study of the causes of central nervous system infections and diagnostic methodologies in the Lao PDR Clinical research Lao PDR 27/11/19
1-20 Piero Olliaro Expanded Access Protocol for the use of tecovirimat for the treatment of monkeypox infection Clinical trial Central African Republic 2/12/19
54-19 Dodi Safari Aetiology of Febrile Illness in Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur Clinical research Indonesia 12/12/19
560-19 Matthew Brook Characterisation of the immune infiltrate in kidney transplant biopsies from patients treated with cell therapy and controls Minimal risk Australia, Netherlands 14/12/19
557-19 Raj Dodia Preoperative anxiety reduction using standardised breathing exercises Minimal risk Kenya 18/12/19
562-19 Dinh The Trung Assessing baseline ranges for haematocrit, platelets and liver transaminase values for the Ho Chi Minh City population using data from a large pooled dengue dataset Minimal risk Vietnam 19/12/19
561-19 Le Van Tan Opportunistic pneumonia in patients with advanced HIV disease at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases: epidemiological characteristics, clinical features and pathogen spectrum Minimal risk Vietnam 19/12/19



Studies approved by OxTREC in 2018
OxTREC reference PI name Study title Research type Countries involved Approval date
1-18 Philippa Matthews OXSAHep (Oxford-South Africa Hepatitis) Study: Defining host and viral factors that are associated with hepatitis B virus (HBV) control and clearance in Caucasian and African adults Clinical research UK, South Africa 3/1/18
557-17 Direk Limmathurotsakul Health burdens of antibiotic resistant infection in Southeast and South Asia - a multinational retrospective study Minimal risk Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal 4/1/18
38-17 Louise Thwaites Gastro intestinal carriage with Clostridium Tetani in patients with tetanus Clinical research Vietnam            11/1/18 
     501-18 Bridget Wills Investigation into C-reactive Protein as a potential biomarker for disease progression in dengue Minimal risk   Vietnam 11/1/18
502-18 Bridget Wills Investigation into blood-based biomarkers for early identification of disease progression in dengue Minimal risk Vietnam 11/1/18
37-17 Nilufer Rahmioglu Cyprus Women’s Health Research (COHERE) Clinical research Cyprus 17/1/18
503-18 Bridget Wills Preliminary evaluation of ANGPTL4 as a potential biomarker for diagnosis of dengue and risk prediction for development of dengue shock syndrome Minimal risk Vietnam 18/1/18
504-18 Philip Goulder The genetic determinants of paediatric HIV non-progressor subgroups Minimal risk South Africa 31/1/18
40-17 Ben Cooper Reducing Antibiotics Treatment Duration for Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia Clinical research Singapore, Thailand, Nepal 1/2/18
506-18 Shobana Nagraj SMARThealth Pregnancy Phase 1: A qualitative study to explore and describe factors influencing the detection, referral and management of pregnant women at high-risk of future cardiometabolic disorders in rural India Minimal risk India 1/2/18
45-17 James Charlesworth Identifying features of diabetes subtypes in Sierra Leone to improve diagnostic discrimination Clinical research Sierra Leone 7/2/18
5-18 Andrew Pollard Assessing the impact of a Vi-Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine in preventing typhoid infection among Bangladeshi children – a Phase IV trial Clinical trial (ISRCTN Registry ISRCTN11643110) Bangladesh 8/2/18
505-18 Kirsten Rowe Youth musical and drumming activities in the Agincourt sub-district of Bushbuckridge: a pre-pilot exploratory study Minimal risk South Africa 8/2/18
555-17 Rose McGready Born too soon in a resource-limited setting on the Thailand-Myanmar border: can we improve care in a special care baby unit? Minimal risk Thailand, Myanmar 8/2/18
508-18 Oliver van Hecke Primary care clinicians’ perceptions of introducing near-patient testing for common infections into routine care in South Africa: a qualitative study of barriers and facilitators to adoption Minimal risk South Africa 15/2/18
507-18 Martha Mwangome Exploring strategies for improving inpatient infant nutritional rehabilitation: using breastfeeding peer supporters to facilitate WHO guideline implementation in Kenya Minimal risk Kenya 15/2/18
41-17 Melita Gordon Investigating the mechanism and determinants of systemic and mucosal immunity to invasive salmonella infection in an endemic setting Clinical research Malawi 22/2/18
510-18 Jessica Renzella Sri Lanka Non-Communicable Disease Survey Minimal risk Sri Lanka 22/2/18
509-18 Jessica Price Caregivers’ experiences of seeking care and barriers to access in child illness that led to death in rural South Africa Minimal risk South Africa 1/3/18
511-18 Alice Kamau A comparison between test positivity rate gathered in public health facilities and parasite prevalence in community-based surveys Minimal risk Kenya 1/3/18
514-18 Mehul Dhorda A Multi-Centric Evaluation of a Device for Automated Malaria Microscopy (EasyScan Go) Minimal risk Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia 8/3/18
513-18 Alexander Jones

Oxford Sri Lanka Effects of Polluted Air on Rheumatic Heart Disease Study (OSLEOPARD)

Minimal risk Sri Lanka 9/3/18
515-18 Laura Merson The Ebola Data Platform Minimal risk Worldwide 28/3/18
10-18 Shrijana Shrestha Haemophilus influenzae b carriage prevalence amongst community-based children after conjugate vaccine introduction in Nepal Clinical research Nepal 5/4/18
512-18 Mary Chambers Research study on reduction of depression, anxiety and stress in HCWs at HTD, Ho Chi Minh city Minimal risk Vietnam 5/4/18
39-17 Panisadee Avirutnan Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Ivermectin in Pediatric Dengue Patients Clinical trial (ClinicalTrials.gov NCT03432442) Thailand 19/4/18
7-18 Manisha Nair Maternal and perinatal Health Research collaboration, India (MaatHRI): improving outcomes in pregnant women with anaemia Clinical research India 19/4/18
522-18 Bridget Wills Investigation into serological responses during and after primary and secondary dengue infection Minimal risk Vietnam 19/4/18
520-18 Rogier van Doorn State of Antimicrobial Stewardship Programmes in Hospitals in Viet Nam Minimal risk Vietnam 19/4/18
519-18 Alexander Noar A survey of ocular disease on Likoma Island, Lake Malawi Minimal risk Malawi 19/4/18

Ivan Koychev

Dementia familial risk effect on cardiovascular risk and associated neuroimaging phenotypes in middle age Minimal risk UK, US 20/4/18

Sarah Rakovshik

Psychometric properties of the Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory – Child Version (OCI-CV) in a clinical sample of Turkish children and adolescents Minimal risk Turkey 20/4/18
44-17 Jeremy Day Hepatitis C Patient Cohort at Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Ho Chi Minh City Clinical research Vietnam 24/4/18
11-18 Arjen Dondorp Perfusion and lung congestion Evaluation Related to Fluids and vasopressors in Sepsis and malaria. (PERFuSE): an observational study Clinical research Bangladesh 26/4/18
524-18 David Dance Understanding the Prevalence of Colistin Resistance in SE Asia – Lao PDR Minimal risk Lao PDR 26/4/18
523-18 Deena Al Asfoor Exploring Access to Primary Health Care among Diabetic II Patients in Oman, A cross-sectional study Minimal risk Oman 3/5/18
527-18 Le Van Tan Mass-spectrometry analysis of throat swabs and evaluation of diagnostic utility of a saliva-based lateral flow assay in hand, foot and mouth disease Minimal risk Vietnam, Singapore, UK 9/5/18
23-17 Kirsten Rowe Adolescent HIV Executive Function and Drumming (AHEAD) Study: a randomised controlled pilot trial of a group drumming programme aiming to improve executive functioning in adolescents with HIV Clinical trial (Pan African Clinical Trials Registry PACTR201804003332337) South Africa 1/5/18
528-18 Erhui Cai Analysis of de-identified data from a medical chart review of patients with hand-foot-mouth disease in China Minimal risk China 4/5/18
526-18 Proochista Ariana Maternal and Neonatal Health in Papua New Guinea: A synthesis of evidence and identification of gaps Minimal risk Papua New Guinea 16/5/18
14-18 Ratchaneewan Sinitkul The assessment of health hazard exposure during pregnancy and health impact among pregnant woman, foetus and infant Clinical research Thailand 17/5/18
525-18 Michelle Hancock Medical Travel in Southeast Asia: A Mixed-Methods Study of Foreign Patients Seeking Cancer Care in Penang, Malaysia Minimal risk Malaysia 17/5/18
516-18 Philippa Matthews 'SHEBA' Stigma in HEpatitis B in Africa: Assessing the Nature and Impact of Stigma in Hepatitis B Virus Infection in Uganda Minimal risk Uganda 18/5/18
530-18 Margaret Peden Preventing child injuries in South Africa: A descriptive analysis of gender-related child injuries presenting to Red Cross Children's War Memorial Hospital over two decades Minimal risk South Africa 23/5/18
8-18 Frances Gardner Randomized controlled trial of an evidence-informed parenting intervention to prevent violence against young children by parents and primary caregivers in Thailand Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov NCT03539341) Thailand 6/6/18
531-18 Sophie Yacoub Role of extracellular histones in the pathogenesis of severe dengue Minimal risk UK 6/6/18
518-18 Rose McGready Impact of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) counselling on whole blood transcript signature, stool microbiome and infant development in conjunction with feasibility of stool sample self-collection – a sub study of MSP (TMEC 15-062) and MSP_Ext (TMEC 17-008) Minimal risk Thailand 7/6/18
532-18 Thomas Jänisch Characterization of antibody profiles in paediatric dengue patients from Southeast Asia – comparing non-severe, intermediate, and severe clinical phenotypes Minimal risk Vietnam, Germany 7/6/18
533-18 Kathy Willis HumBug - acoustic mosquito sampling in a rural Indonesian community - providing information feedback to promote self care Minimal risk Indonesia 12/6/18

Margaret Peden

Cluster randomized trial on child restraints: is this feasible in the South African context? Minimal risk South Africa 13/6/18
16-18 Nicole Zitzmann Evaluating the host stress response to dengue virus infection Clinical research Sri Lanka 14/6/18
19-18 Elizabeth Ashley A cross-sectional study investigating prevalence of Melioidosis as a cause of pneumonia in Yangon township clinics, Myanmar Clinical research Myanmar 5/7/18
535-18 Maciej Boni Seasonality and Forecasting of Influenza-like Illness in Ho Chi Minh City Minimal risk Vietnam 10/7/18
17-18 François Nosten Evaluation of outdoor residual spraying efficacy for the control of malaria vectors in Kayin State, Eastern Myanmar Clinical research Myanmar 26/7/18
536-18 Rogier van Doorn Pilot of the Quality Standards (QS) for Appropriate Antibiotic Use in Community-acquired Pneumonia (CAP) Minimal risk Vietnam 26/7/18
529-18 Jessica Renzella An exploration of evidence-based policy making in Sri Lanka Minimal risk Sri Lanka 26/7/18
26-18 Bob Taylor A pilot study to examine the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of oral miltefosine for treating Old World Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Kandahar, Afghanistan Clinical trial (Thai Clinical Trials Registry TCTR20180710007) Afghanistan 27/7/18
24-18 Matthew Snape Evaluating the Long-Term Immunogenicity of Ad / MVA Ebola Virus Vaccines following late boosting with AD26-ZEBOV vaccine administered after heterologous prime/boost schedules of adenoviral and MVA vectored Ebola vaccines in healthy Senegalese adult volunteers aged 18-50 years: an open-label clinical trial Clinical trial (ISRCTN Registry ISRCTN 15434137) Senegal 1/8/18
35-17 Elizabeth Ashley A study to investigate the effect of delays to incubation and storage temperature on the yield of clinically important pathogens from blood culture specimens in tropical countries Clinical research Cambodia, Thailand, Laos 17/8/18
538-18 Pamela Angle Diagnostic Performance of Angle’s Criteria compared with New International Headache Society ICD-3 Criteria for Post-epidural PDPH: Secondary Analysis of Findings from the PDPH Trial Minimal risk Canada 17/8/18
539-18 Pamela Angle Developing Novel Point of Care Tests for Postdural Puncture Headache (PDPH) based on Transcranial Doppler (TCD) Ultrasound Minimal risk Canada 22/8/18
542-18 Louise Thwaites Predicting severity of tetanus from Electrocardiogram and Photoplethysmogram signal analysis

Minimal risk

Vietnam 22/8/18
537-18 Vira Ameli Community participatory approach to develop a mobile-health intervention to improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy for people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Tehran, Iran Minimal risk Iran 30/8/18
39-18 Alan Stein Focus groups to explore the potential for Behavioural Activation to facilitate successful economic transitions for adolescents in LMICs Clinical research South Africa, Uganda 6/9/18
3-18 Bridget Wills A study to evaluate novel hemodynamic monitoring strategies to assess fluid responsiveness in Vietnamese children with dengue shock syndrome, and to assess relationships between serial biomarker measurements with clinical severity Clinical research Vietnam 6/9/18
38-18 Alex Salam Cardiovascular function and ribavirin pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in patients with Lassa fever: a prospective cohort study Clinical research Sierra Leone 16/8/18
540-18 Germana Bancone Technical validation, usability and operational feasibility of G6PD tests in the field (in the framework of the Malaria Elimination Task Force program in Eastern Karen State) Minimal risk Myanmar 6/9/18
541-18 Trudie Lang A continuous mixed methods action research study to assess the impact of capacity development and process improvement tools, resources and activities made available by The Global Health Network and to determine how this could be further strengthened by identification of barriers and enablers to research in Low and Middle Income Countries Minimal risk Worldwide 6/9/18
13-18 Erni Juwita Nelwan Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy Against Naturally-Transmitted Malaria in Eastern Indonesia of Two Plasmodium falciparum Sporozoite Vaccines, Sanaria® PfSPZ Vaccine and Sanaria® PfSPZ-CVac: A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase 2 Trial in Healthy Indonesian Adults Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT03503058) Indonesia 7/9/18
4-18 François Nosten Operational evaluation of Mass Screening and Treatment using ultrasensitive rapid detection tests to reduce P. falciparum incidence in a malaria elimination program in Eastern Kayin State, Myanmar Clinical research Myanmar 12/9/18
543-18 Elizabeth Ashley Ethical Challenges to conducting clinical implementation research on antiviral treatment to prevent Mother-to-Child-Transmission of Hepatitis B Minimal risk Myanmar        13/9/18
     544-18 Tonny Muthee Optimising cardiovascular risk prevention and management in Kenyan primary care settings; a qualitative study exploring the facilitators and barriers to the use of cardiovascular risk scores Minimal risk Kenya 19/9/18
31-18 Shrijana Shrestha Biomarkers for RSV disease in Nepalese infants residing in Kathmandu Clinical research Nepal 20/9/18
2-18 Helen McShane Open label, dose escalation and age de-escalation for ChAdOx1 85A in Ugandan adults and adolescents, followed by a Phase IIa randomised, open-label trial among adolescents comparing ChAdOx1 85A prime followed by MVA85A boost versus BCG re- vaccination (TB042) Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT03681860) Uganda 4/10/18
43-17 Graham Cooke A pilot study to assess shortened therapy for hepatitis C infected adults in Vietnam Clinical research Vietnam 4/10/18
546-18 Susanna Sansone Three NIH-funded projects: caLIFORNIA (USA, PIL Iucila Ohno-Machado), DCFC (USA PI: Owen White, Un of Maryland), FAIR (USA PL: Avi Maayan, Icahn School of Medicine) Minimal risk USA 4/10/18
545-18 Orode Aniejurengho Addressing the threat of antibiotic resistance in Nigeria – evaluation of the public’s knowledge and awareness of appropriate use of antibiotics Minimal risk Nigeria 12/10/18
554-18 George Busby The Mobile Malaria Project Minimal risk Zambia, Kenya 22/10/18
552-18 Elizabeth Ashley Background seroprevalence of rickettsial infections in Myanmar Minimal risk Myanmar 25/10/18
553-18 Frank Kagoro Optimisation of artemisinin resistance maps for communication to policymakers Minimal risk Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh 31/10/18
44-18 Fredrik Karpe Pregnancy Interventions in Mothers Relating to Diabetes in Asian India and Low-income countries (PRIMORDIAL Study) Clinical trial (Clinical Trials Registry India: CTRI/2018/07/014947) India, Gambia 1/11/18
42-18 Sean Elias Measuring non-typhoidal Salmonella specific antibodies in oral fluid as a non-invasive alternative to serum Clinical research Kenya 1/11/18
33-18 Borimas Hanbookunupakarn Open-Label Study to Evaluate Mosquito-Lethal Effect of Ivermectin Metabolites in Healthy Adult Subjects Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov: NCT03690453) Thailand 8/11/18
43-18 George M. Varghese Intravenous TREatment for Scrub Typhus (INTREST) Trial Protocol Clinical trial (Clinical Trials Registry India: CTRI/2018/08/015159) Thailand, Laos, India 12/11/18
550-18 Simon Read Can vitamin A supplementation in early childhood improve adult lung function? Can albendazole treatment in early childhood improve socioeconomic prospects? A pilot study for follow-up of the DEVTA trial Minimal risk India 12/11/18
558-18 Tingting Zhu Automated Decision Support System for Patients at Risk of Myocardial Infarction Minimal risk China 23/11/18
557-18 Christoffer Nellåker Digital phenotyping of histological samples Minimal risk Worldwide 29/11/18
560-18 Caesar Atuire Frameworks of attitudes towards mental health disorders in contemporary Ghana Minimal risk Ghana 5/12/18
34-18 Ungke Anton Jaya Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Indonesia Clinical research Indonesia 12/12/18
556-18 Ni Ni Tun A cross-sectional study of the prevalence of chlamydia or gonorrhoea diagnosed using a point of care nucleic acid amplification test (Xpert® CT/NG) among female sex workers attending MAM satellite clinic in Hpakant, Myanmar, nested with a pilot prospective Minimal risk Myanmar 17/12/18


Louise Thwaites A pilot study of bio-impedance to assess fluid status in patients with dengue and dengue shock Minimal risk Vietnam 20/12/18
563-18 Anna Schuh A pilot case control study of remotely accessible novel precision technologies for the diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease in sub-Saharan African Children Minimal risk Tanzania 21/12/18



Studies approved by OxTREC in 2017

OxTREC reference

PI name

Study title

Research type

Countries involved

Approval date


Stephen Baker

An open single-arm interventional study to identify the influence of human genetic variation on early transcriptional responses and protective immunity following immunization with rotavirus vaccine in Vietnamese infants

Clinical research




Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury


Is melioidosis a significant cause of febrile admissions for people with and without diabetes in Bangladesh?

Clinical research




Mark McCarthy


Analysis of whole exome sequence data from the T2D-GENES project

Minimal risk




Richard Gibbons and Sachith Mettananda

Co-inheritance of α-thalassaemia among patients with β-thalassaemia

Minimal risk

Sri Lanka



Kevin Baird


Feasibility of the Nanobubble Technology for Detection of Malaria

Other research




Claudia Turner

Utilisation of a clinical microbiology service in a low income country paediatric hospital: the impact on antibiotic prescribing practices and barriers and facilitators to use

Minimal risk




Rose McGready


Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus (PMTCT-HBV): Hepatitis B Policy and Practice in Northern Thailand and Tenofovir in early pregnancy: a one arm, open label intervention study to estimate the optimal timing of Tenofovir (TDF)

Clinical research





Sassy Molyneux

A preliminary study towards understanding the potential role of Clinical Learning Systems in Kenya: Experiences and attitudes of key health and research stakeholders on the Kenyan Coast

Minimal risk




Daniel Parker

Movement and migration patterns among a cohort of villagers from the Thailand-Myanmar border


Minimal risk

Thailand, Myanmar



Guy Thwaites


A randomized double blind placebo controlled trial of adjunctive dexamethasone for the treatment of HIV-uninfected adults with tuberculous meningitis stratified by Leukotriene A4 hydrolase genotype

Clinical research




Jay Berkley


First Line Antimicrobials in Complicated Severe Acute Malnutrition

Clinical research

Kenya, Uganda



Stephen Baker

The diversity of the gut microbiota and its role in antimicrobial resistance gene circulation in healthy Vietnamese people

Minimal risk




Lorenz von Seidlein


Safety and Immunogenicity evaluation of the malaria vaccine RTS,S/AS01, in healthy Thai adults

Clinical research





Bronwyn Myers

Strengthening South Africa’s health system through integrating treatment for mental illness into chronic disease care: A cluster randomized controlled trial

Clinical research

South Africa



Eduard Sanders


Targeted Research Advancing Sexual Health for Men who have sex with Men (TRANSFORM)

Clinical research

South Africa, Kenya



Rose McGready

Nutrition in transition: local perceptions of under- and over-nutrition in pregnancy in marginalized Burman and Karen communities along the Thailand-Myanmar border


Minimal risk

Thailand, Myanmar



Paul Turner

Trends in antimicrobial resistance in invasive bacterial infections in hospitalised Cambodian children, 2007-2016

Minimal risk





Nicholas Day

Assessing the tolerability and safety of single low dose primaquine in African children with acute uncomplicated falciparum malaria and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (BAKMAL1606)

Clinical research

Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo



Maria Chiara Rizzi

Testing the role of RDTs as a Point of Care tool in the early diagnosis of melioidosis: a pilot comparison with culture in Laos, an endemic region


Minimal risk




Christoffer Nellåker

Aiding computational phenotyping of facial features by inheritance modelling

Minimal risk

Worldwide (internet-based)




Daniel Paris

The Scrub Typhus Antibiotic Resistance Trial (START). Comparing Doxycycline and Azithromycin Treatment Modalities in Areas of Reported Antimicrobial Resistance for Scrub Typhus

Clinical research



5-17 Jeremy Day Open label phase III, single center trial to assess the efficacy, safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of sofosbuvir plus ravidasvir in HCV (+/- HIV) chronically
infected adults with no or compensated cirrhosis in Vietnam
Clinical trial Vietnam    17/3/17
506-17 Direk Limmathurotsakul Antibiotic Feed in Animal Farm in Thailand – Pilot Questionnaire Study Minimal risk Thailand 29/3/17
516-17 Jordi Landier ELISA validation of hypersensitive rapid diagnostic test results for detection of P. falciparum using field samples from prevalence surveys Minimal risk Thailand 4/4/17
3-17 Ni Ni Tun A clinical and pharmacokinetic study of the effectiveness of Hepatitis C treatment to HIV co-infected and non HIV co-infected patients at the level of non-hospital based management in Myanmar Clinical research Myanmar 5/4/17
519-17 Peter Hammond Image Analysis of Neurofacial Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Minimal risk UK (US federal funding) 5/4/17
515-17 Clifford George Banda Tools for quality data: Understanding the available resources and tools for setting up and conducting malaria clinical trials in low and middle income countries within malaria endemic settings Minimal risk DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Thailand, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Senegal 6/4/17
512-17 Florian Marks Real-time Tracking of Neglected Bacterial Diseases and Resistance Patterns in Asia Minimal risk Cambodia, Vietnam 11/4/17
513-17 Brian Parkinson The impact of emotion regulation on cooperation and trust Minimal risk UK (US federal funding) 12/4/17
518-17 Anisha Gururaj Evaluating the role of a semi-automated ultrasound device in rural Indian antenatal care Minimal risk India 26/4/17
13-17 Jeremy Day Continuous infusion vs. intermittent bolus dosing of ceftriaxone for the treatment of bacterial meningitis: a randomized pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic comparison Clinical trial Vietnam 27/4/17
12-17 Philip Bejon A Phase IV randomized, double blinded non-inferiority trial on the immunogenicity and safety of fractional doses of yellow fever vaccines Clinical trial Kenya, Uganda 27/4/17
514-17 Derrick Bennett Objective measurement of physical activity in urban and rural Chinese: A feasibility study Minimal risk China    4/5/17
521-17 Halina Suwakowska Ethical and socio-cultural aspects of autopsy in low and middle-income countries Minimal risk Vietnam, Nepal 4/5/17
520-17 Thomas Darton Investigating colonisation by fluoroquinolone-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in the gastrointestinal microbiota of children living in urban and rural areas of Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 4/5/17
48-16 Nick White Assessing the tolerability of a potentially safer radical curative regimen of primaquine in healthy volunteers with glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in Thailand Clinical trial Thailand 11/5/17
5117-16 Issac Lim Preparing the healthcare workforce for future populations: a Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) perspective Minimal risk Singapore 11/5/17
522-17 Frances Gardner Feasibility study of an evidence-informed parenting intervention to prevent violence against young children by parents and caregivers in Thailand: Phase One Minimal risk Thailand 23/5/17
10-17 Serena Vickers A pilot study of the clinical and biochemical phenotype of diabetes in Vientiane, Lao PDR Clinical research Lao PDR 31/5/17
526-17 Mehul Dhorda Prevalence survey of plasmodium falciparum antimalarial drug resistance markers at sites in India Minimal risk India 1/6/17
14-17 Amina Abubakar Adolescent Executive Functioning and its Association with Scholastic Outcomes, Mental Health Outcomes, Health Risk Behavior and Medical Adherence in the Context of HIV Other research Kenya 6/6/17
16-17 Nguyen Thi Hoang Mai A Prospective Observational Study Aiming at Improving Diagnosis in Patients with Central Nervous System Infections in Vietnam Clinical research Vietnam 8/6/17
525-17 Olga Tosas Auguet Preliminary Exploration of Infection Prevention and Control and Antibiotic Stewardship (IPC-ABS) to Avert Antibiotic Resistance in Kenyan Hospitals Minimal risk Kenya 14/6/17
527-17 Mallika Imwong Prevalence survey of plasmodium falciparum antimalarial drug resistance markers in Greater Mekong Subregion Minimal risk Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia 14/6/17
528-17 Marco Haenssgen Antibiotics and Activity Spaces: An Exploratory Study of Behaviour, Marginalisation, and Knowledge Diffusion Minimal risk Thailand, Lao PDR 14/6/17
46-16 Eduard Sanders Impact of a novel HIV-1 RNA testing intervention to detect acute and prevalent HIV infection and reduce HIV transmission – Tambua Mapema Plus Clinical trial Kenya 21/6/17
5124-16 Nazla Lufthee Antimicrobial susceptibility of bacterial isolates causing Urinary Tract Infections Minimal risk Maldives 21/6/17
524-17 Rose McGready Establishing best methods for patient education and public health messaging in populations with low literacy on the Thailand Myanmar border Minimal risk Thailand, Myanmar 21/6/17
20-17 Nicholas Yeung Decision Confidence in Human-Machine Teaming Other research United Kingdom 22/6/17
18-17 Frank Smithuis A multicentre observational study to describe the prevalence of scrub typhus, defined as a positive rapid diagnostic test, among selected patients presenting with fever to clinics in Myanmar Clinical research Myanmar 5/7/17
517-17 Kyaw Myo Tun Ethical issues in recruitment of teenagers and young people in clinical research in Myanmar Minimal risk


532-17 Maia Rabaa Phylogenetics and Epidemiology of Zika in Southern Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 5/7/17
11-17 Sasithon Pukrittayakamee Efficacy and safety of KAF156 in combination with LUM -SDF in adults and children with uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria Clinical trial Thailand 12/7/17
529-17 Phaikyeong Cheah In Their Own Voices: Vulnerabilities & Abilities of Women, Children, & Families in Health Research on the Thai-Myanmar border Minimal risk Thailand, Myanmar 14/7/17
19-17 Direk Limmathurotsakul Utility of Sepsis-3 definition, causes and factors associated with outcomes in community-acquired sepsis in Ubon Ratchathani, Northeast Thailand Clinical research Thailand 17/7/17
17-17 Lauren Carrington Active surveillance of arbovirus infections in Aedes mosquitoes and humans in HCMC Clinical research Vietnam 17/7/17
533-17 Abhilasha Karkey Knowledge assessment and perspectives on antimicrobial resistance among pharmacists in Lalitpur metropolitan city Minimal risk Nepal 17/7/17
530-17 Tinashe Brian Chandauka Human Factors in Southern African Surgery: A study of the knowledge, attitude and practices of Southern African surgical practitioners with regard to perioperative patient safety and a pilot of a human factors training programme Minimal risk South Africa, Zambia 20/7/17
26-17 James Berkley Intravenous and Oral Fosfomycin in Hospitalised Neonates with Clinical Sepsis: an open-label safety and pharmacokinetic study Clinical trial Kenya 2/8/17
15-17 Andrew Pollard Assessing the impact of a Vi-Polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine in preventing typhoid infections among Nepalese children – a Phase III trial Clinical trial Nepal, Vietnam 10/8/17
535-17 Sophie Yacoub Markers of macrophage activation syndrome in the pathogenesis of severe dengue Minimal risk Vietnam 11/8/17
534-17 Phaikyeong Cheah In Their Own Voices: Vulnerabilities & Abilities of Women, Children, & Families in Health Research in Chiang Rai Province Minimal risk Thailand 17/8/17
5123-16 Paul Turner Seroprevalence of Dengue Virus and Rickettsial Infections in Cambodian Children Minimal risk Cambodia 31/8/17
531-17 David Clark Internet-based cognitive-behavioural therapy for social anxiety disorder in the Chinese population Minimal risk China 31/8/17
538-17 Marco Haenssgen The evolution of antibiotic demand and supply among private and informal healthcare providers in Chiang Rai Minimal risk Thailand 6/9/17
540-17 Mary Chambers Issues surrounding the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) and
Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) program uptake in ethnic minorities in
Dak Lak Province Viet Nam
Minimal risk Vietnam 19/9/17
541-17 Cindy Chu Retrospective Study to assess the rate of Plasmodium vivax infections
presenting with severe symptoms from 2001 to 2016 in north-western Thailand
Minimal risk Thailand 19/9/17
536-17 Mira Schneiders Care needs and responsibilities among older people in Cambodia: lived experiences and ethical issues Minimal risk Cambodia 19/9/17
542-17 Ngo Thi Hoa Comparative genomic analysis of Escherichia coli isolated from animals, healthy individuals and patients Minimal risk Vietnam 21/9/17
539-17 Mary Chambers Issues surrounding tetanus toxoid vaccination uptake and delivery in 3 communes in Binh Phuoc Province Minimal risk Vietnam 4/10/17
545-17 Mehul Dhorda Performance and cost-effectiveness of an Automated Malaria Microscopy device (Autoscope version 3) in research settings Minimal risk Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia 6/10/17
25-17 Joel Tarning Randomised Open-Label, Single-Dose, Cross-Over Study to Evaluate the Bioequivalence of a New Parenteral Formulation of Artesunate with the Currently Used Formulation in Healthy Adult Thai Subjects Clinical trial Thailand 17/10/17
546-17 Gracia Fellmeth Exploring the aspirations of new Karen mothers on the Thai-Myanmar border Minimal risk Thailand, Myanmar 19/10/17
544-17 Behzad Nadjm Patient safety, hospital acquired infection and antibiotic resistance in the hospital – a lay perspective from Vietnam Minimal risk Vietnam 26/10/17
22-17 François Nosten Developing a methodology to assess 8-aminoquinoline associated haemolytic risk in females heterozygous for G6PD in endemic populations Clinical research Thailand 1/11/17
551-17 Mamy Jean de Dieu Randria Clinical characterization and microbiological diagnosis of patients presenting to plague treatment centres with suspected pneumonic plague in the 2017 Madagascar outbreak Clinical research Madagascar 3/11/17
547-17 Claudia Turner Design, implementation and assessment of a comprehensive community neonatal health package utilising medical and social interventions Minimal risk Cambodia 6/11/17
543-17 Trudie Lang Knowledge Gap Analysis of Clinical and Laboratory Research Capacity in Central and South America Minimal risk Central and South America 8/11/17
549-17 Nina Hallowell Facing ethics: Identifying ethical issues in computational phenotyping research Minimal risk UK, US, EU, Australia 8/11/17
29-17 Simon Draper A Phase Ib age de-escalation dose-escalation randomised, double-blind, controlled study of the safety and immunogenicity of heterologous prime-boost with the candidate malaria vaccines ChAd63 RH5 and MVA RH5 administered intramuscularly according to a 0, 2-month vaccination schedule in healthy adults, young children and infants in Tanzania Clinical trial
(Pan African Clinical Trial Registry: PACTR201710002722229)
Tanzania 15/11/17
34-17 Shrijana Shrestha Persistence of Immunity Following an Open Label, Randomised Controlled Non-inferiority Trial, Comparing Two-Dose Priming with the 10-Valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine at 6 and 10 weeks to 6 and 14 Weeks, in Nepali Children Clinical research Nepal 15/11/17
548-17 Deena Al Asfoor Qualitative Validation of Access-29 and HRQOL Diabetes-39 in Omani Diabetic patients Minimal risk Oman 16/11/17
550-17 Claudia Turner Ethical issues around healthcare provision in a low-resource setting from the perspective of hospital staff and end users Minimal risk Cambodia 22/11/17
32-17 Arjen Dondorp A multi-centre, open-label randomised trial to assess the efficacy, safety and tolerability of the Triple ACT artemether lumefantrine+amodiaquine (AL+AQ) compared to the ACT artemether-lumefantrine (AL) in uncomplicated falciparum malaria in Cambodia and Vietnam Clinical trial (clinicaltrials.gov:  NCT03355664) Cambodia and Vietnam 30/11/17
554-17 Paul Turner Characterisation of Cambodian Burkolderia pseudomallei glycan/lectin binding profiles Minimal risk Cambodia 30/11/17
24-17 Guy Thwaites A prospective observational study of the host and bacterial determinants of outcome from multi-drug resistant pulmonary tuberculosis Clinical research Vietnam 6/12/17
33-17 Guy Thwaites A prospective observational study of the host determinants of outcome of drug susceptible pulmonary tuberculosis Clinical research Vietnam 6/12/17
31-17 Alan Stein Cluster Randomised Trial to evaluate an intervention for depressed HIV-positive women in the perinatal period, to enhance child development and reduce maternal depression Clinical trial (ISRCTN Registry: ISRCTN11284870 & South African National Clinical Trial
Register: NHREC # 4889)
South Africa 6/12/17
556-17 Valentina Iotchkova Analysis and statistical method development for uncovering and understanding genetic variation underlying complex cardiovascular and haematological traits Minimal risk US 7/12/17
537-17 Maureen Kelley Resilience, empowerment, and advocacy in women’s and children’s health research (REACH) in KwaZulu-Natal Minimal risk South Africa 8/12/17
553-17 Natalie van Zuydam Large-scale targeted sequencing of genomic regions associated with coronary heart disease in subjects with peripheral arterial disease Minimal risk US 13/12/17
552-17 Sonia Lewycka Household survey of antibiotic use and carriage of resistant bacterial isolates in preparation for a trial Minimal risk Thailand 19/12/17
36-17 Paul Turner A pilot observational study to determine nasopharyngeal microbiota dynamics in Cambodian children Clinical research Cambodia 20/12/17



It was agreed by CUREC in early 2016 that, in the interest of transparency, OxTREC should make publicly available a list of studies that it has approved. 

Studies approved by OxTREC in 2016

OxTREC reference

PI name Study title  Research type  Countries involved  Approval date 
49-15 Yoel Lubell  The impact of C-reactive protein testing on antibiotic prescription in febrile patients attending primary care in low-resource settings  Clinical research  Thailand, Myanmar, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)  11/1/16 
46-15 Daniel Paris  Eschar investigations to improve diagnostics, understand early immune responses and characterize strains for vaccines in scrub typhus (EXIST)  Clinical research  Thailand 12/1/16 
579-15   Paul Turner  An exploration of vertical transmission of multi-drug resistant Gram negative organisms in Cambodian mother-infant pairs (Mother-Infant Colonisation Study: MIC)  Minimal risk Cambodia  19/1/16 
581-16  Claudia Turner  Exploring and Understanding the Community Attitudes toward Research Ethics in Cambodia  Minimal risk  Cambodia  27/1/16 
577-15  Patricia Kingori  What are the emotional, ethical and logistical realities of employment in an Ebola Treatment Unit? The views of local frontline staff  Minimal risk  Sierra Leone  27/1/16 
47-15  James Berkeley  First Line Antimicrobials in Complicated Severe Acute Malnutrition – preliminary pharmacokinetics and faecal carriage components  Clinical research  Kenya  12/2/16
4-16  Denis Noble  Effects of Glycyrrhetic Acid & other Chemical Components of TJ-68 on Physiological Mechanisms in Healthy Humans Clinical research   USA   12/2/16 
583-16  Rose McGready  Causes and impact of anemia on pregnancy outcome on the Thai-Myanmar Border: cost-effective diagnostic and treatment algorithms  Minimal risk  Thailand, Myanmar  12/2/16 
585-16  Sophie Janet  Outcomes of neonatal resuscitation in a resource limited setting on the Thailand-Myanmar border  Minimal risk  Thailand, Myanmar  16/2/16 
584-16  Chris Paton  Survey of Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems used in public hospitals in Kenya  Minimal risk  Kenya  18/2/16 
2-16  Philip Bejon  Controlled Human Malaria Infection (CHMI) to assess human immunity to P. falciparum using sporozoites administered by direct venous inoculation  Clinical trial  Kenya  24/2/16 
5-16  Borimas Hanboonkunupakarn  Open-Label Study to Evaluate Potential Pharmacokinetic Interactions of Orally Administered Artemether-lumefantrine, Amodiaquine and Primaquine in Healthy Adult Subjects  Clinical trial  Thailand  25/2/16 
3-16 François Nosten Impact of malaria infection in pregnancy on fetal and newborn growth – child follow-up until 2 years of age, in relation to the fetal growth Clinical research Thailand 8/3/16
582-16 Caroline Jones The Acceptability & Potential for Scale-up of House Modifications used in the RooPfs Study in The Gambia  Minimal risk The Gambia 8/3/16
586-16 Carl Britto Estimating the in-patient burden and antibiotic resistance pattern of enteric fever in a tertiary care hospital in South India Minimal risk India 10/3/16
13-16 Carine Asnong Perceptions and experiences of teenage pregnancies in refugee and migrant women and adolescents on the Thai-Myanmar border  Minimal risk Thailand 7/4/16
580-16 Michael Parker Developing a robust and supportive ethical and governance framework for genomic research in Africa – an exploratory study in Ghana, Uganda and Zambia Minimal risk  Ghana, Uganda, Zambia 8/4/16
15-16 Buddha Basnyat Parallel group, double blinded, 1:1, randomized controlled phase III trial of co-trimoxazole versus azithromycin for the treatment of undifferentiated fever in Nepal Clinical trial Nepal 21/4/16
17-16 Louise Thwaites Intrathecal Immunoglobulin for treatment of adult patients with tetanus: a randomized controlled 2x2 factorial trial Clinical trial  Vietnam 27/4/16
18-16 Son Do Hung Randomised controlled trial to estimate the fraction of malaria infections attributable to forest work  Clinical trial Vietnam 27/4/16
16-16 Richard Idro Antibodies to Neuron Surface Proteins, infection by Onchocerca volvulus and the Pathogenesis of Nodding Syndrome; a Case Control Study Clinical research Uganda 28/4/16
12-16 Richard Idro Doxycycline for the treatment of nodding syndrome: A phase II, randomized placebo controlled trial Clinical trial Uganda 28/4/16
8-16 Cristian Capelli The Genomic Landscape of African Populations Other research South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania 6/5/16
592-16 Bridget Wills The prevalence of Zika and Chikungunya viruses in Asian patients with undifferentiated fever Minimal Risk Countries across Latin America and Asia 13/5/16
593-16 Elizabeth Pisani What makes data sharing work? WWARN case study Minimal Risk N/A 16/5/16
19-16 Mayfong Mayxay A randomised, double-blinded controlled treatment trial of subclinical vivax infections with primaquine in Nong province, Laos Clinical Trial Laos 18/5/16
594-16 Nzelle Delphine Kayem The ZIKV Minimal Dataset Determination Study Minimal Risk Brazil 6/6/16
588-16 Stephen Baker The perception and usage of probiotics and antibiotics by parents in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Minimal Risk Vietnam 13/6/16
25-16 Jeremy Day A randomized phase 2 trial of Tamoxifen boosted antifungal therapy for cryptococcal meningitis Clinical Trial Vietnam 16/6/16
590-16 Francois Nosten Determination of the sensitivity and specificity of the BD MicroImager (BDMI) for detection of acid fast bacilli (AFB) in a clinical setting Minimal Risk Thailand  21/6/16 
596-16 Louise Thwaites Muscle Mass and Functional Outcome in Tetanus Survivors at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases Minimal Risk Vietnam 22/6/16
591-16 Olivo Miotto Integrating genetic epidemiology as an intensified surveillance tool into the National Centre for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control of Cambodia Minimal Risk Cambodia 23/6/16
31-16 Heiman Wertheim Community-level antibiotic access and use in low- and middle-income countries; finding targets for social interventions to improve rational antimicrobial use Clinical Research Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Ghana, South Africa 27/6/16
595-16 Ruchi Baxi Sharing infectious disease related data and biological samples from low resource settings: perspectives on ethics and governance Minimal Risk Kenya, Sierra Leone, Liberia 28/6/16
597-16 Manar Marzouk  Management of Cancer Care for refugee populations: the case of Syrian Refugees in Jordan  Minimal risk Syria, Jordan  30/6/16
598-16 Abigail Enoch  Pulse oximeter use in Kenyan hospitals: a qualitative study of health workers’ perspectives of the barriers to pulse oximeter use  Minimal risk  Kenya  5/7/16 
5101-16  Lauren Carrington  Knowledge of dengue and understanding of associated research amongst the community  Minimal risk  Vietnam  15/7/16 
30-16   Annette Fox  How do cross-reactive memory B cells affect influenza vaccine titers  Clinical research  Vietnam, Australia  19/7/16 
48-15  Ivo Elliott  The clinical epidemiology of scrub typhus in humans, chiggers and rodents  Clinical research  Lao PDR  27/7/16 
5102-16  Martha Mwangome  Improving Breastfeeding support to treat acute malnutrition amongst infants under 6 months admitted to hospital because of an illness – A pilot study  Minimal risk  Kenya  28/7/16 
5106-16  Olivo Miotto  Genetic epidemiology of P. falciparum malaria and associated antimalarial drug resistance  Minimal risk  Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Myanmar  3/8/16 
34-16  James Berkley  The Childhood Acute Illness & Nutrition Network (CHAIN) Building the evidence base for care of acutely ill, undernourished children in limited resource settings – cohort study  Clinical research  Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Pakistan, Uganda  4/8/16 
35-16  Stephen Baker  The clinical features, antimicrobial susceptibility patterns and genomics of bacteria causing neonatal sepsis in a children’s hospital in Vietnam  Clinical research  Vietnam  4/8/16 
599-16  Laura Diment  Temperature and prosthetic discomfort during exercise  Minimal risk  India  4/8/16 
5103-16  Mehul Dhorda  Field Evaluation of a Device for Automated Malaria Microscopy (Autoscope)  Minimal risk  Thailand, Indonesia  10/8/16 
587-16  Tao Dong  International cooperation between China and UK on Immunological and genetic association of virus/pathogen associated cancer development  Minimal risk  China  15/8/16 
36-16  Guy Thwaites  A randomized double blind placebo controlled trial of adjunctive dexamethasone for the treatment of HIV-infected adults with tuberculous meningitis  Clinical trial  Vietnam, Indonesia  16/8/16 
5104-16  Direk Limmathurotsakul  The risk factors and outcomes of community-acquired Acinetobacter bacteraemia in Thailand (MICRO1502_CAB)  Minimal risk  Thailand  16/8/16 
5109-16  Zhengming Chen  Estimating the exposure to ambient and household air pollution among the rural population of China Kadoorie Biobank cohort: a feasibility study  Minimal risk  China  17/8/16 
5111-16  Jeremy Day  Study Laboratory Protocol: A novel approach to improving diagnosis of CNS infections in Vietnam using vibrational spectroscopy  Minimal risk  Vietnam, Australia  17/8/16 
27-16  Tran Tinh Hien  An Open Label, Non-comparative, Multicentre Study to Assess the Pharmacokinetics, Safety and Efficacy of Tafenoquine (SB-252263, WR238605) in the Treatment of Pediatric Subjects with Plasmodium vivax Malaria  Clinical trial  Vietnam  18/8/16 
9-16  Inge Sutanto  A double-blind, double-dummy, randomized, parallel group, placebo-controlled superiority study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of tafenoquine (SB-252263, WR238605) co-administered with dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine (DHA-PQP) for the radical cure of Plasmodium vivax malaria  Clinical trial  Indonesia  18/8/16 
5105-16  Motiur Rahman  Study on the incidence of Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV) and the prevalence of progression from acute to chronic HBV and HCV infection in rural northern Vietnam  Minimal risk  Vietnam  18/8/16 
5107-16   Behzad Nadjm  Short PeRiod IncideNce sTudy of Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SPRINT-SARI)  Minimal risk  Vietnam, Nepal  18/8/16 
33-16  Ghulam Rahim Awab  G6PD Assessment before Primaquine for radical treatment of vivax malaria (GAP study) (R46214)  Clinical trial  Afghanistan  31/8/16 
5113-16  Verena Carrara  Neonatal, clinical and neurodevelopmental outcome of neonates hospitalized for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia reaching exchange transfusion threshold in a remote setting along the Thai-Myanmar border  Minimal risk  Thailand  31/8/16 
5110-16  Stephen Baker  A descriptive study on the management of diarrhoeal disease in the community in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam  Minimal risk  Vietnam  1/9/16 
24-16  Abhilasha Karkey  The epidemiology of multidrug resistant hospital acquired bloodstream infections: the risks for infection and mortality in a tertiary hospital  Clinical research  Nepal, Vietnam  7/9/16 
28-16  Jane Hirst  Validation of a Proteomic Biomarker signature for the prediction of preterm birth in Vietnam  Clinical research  Vietnam  7/9/16 
5108-16  Mehul Dhorda  Prevalence survey of plasmodium falciparum antimalarial drug resistance markers in Komé, Doba, Republic of Chad  Minimal risk  Chad  7/9/16 
42-16 Jennifer Hirst  South Africa Point-of-care HbA1c study Minimal risk  South Africa  15/9/16 
5115-16  Laurence Thielemans  Field evaluation of a Point-Of-Care test for serum bilirubin levels in infants born in a tropical limited-resource setting  Minimal risk  Thailand  15/9/16 
5114-16  Anna C. Nobre  An Innovative Language Controlled Tablet-Based Cognitive Test: Harmonizing Dementia Screening  Minimal risk  South Africa  21/9/16 
38-16  Richard James Maude  Epidemiology of malaria in northeast Thailand: a case-control study  Clinical research  Thailand  28/9/16 
37-16  Bridget Wills  A matched cohort study to characterise the clinical manifestations of dengue in pregnancy and investigate the spectrum of adverse maternal and foetal outcomes  Clinical research  Vietnam  28/9/16 
5112-16  Faith Osier  Defining the merozoite targets of protective immunity against Plasmodium falciparum malaria through multi-centre cohort studies  Minimal risk  Kenya, Tanzania, Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Uganda  6/10/16 
5119-16  Phaik Yeong Cheah  Ethical challenges related to consent following implementation of a new data sharing policy  Minimal risk  Thailand  12/10/16 
43-16  Stephen Baker  Effects of albendazole treatment on gut mucosal responses and carriage of diarrheal pathogens in school children in Cu Chi, Vietnam  Clinical research  Vietnam  18/10/16 
5116-16  Niall Winters  An evaluation of a serious mobile game to improve trainee nurses knowledge and skills in emergency neonatal care in Kenyan teaching hospitals  Minimal risk  Kenya  18/10/16 
32-16  Sabina Dongol  Impact of antimicrobial resistance on outcome to ventilator associated pneumonia in a hospital setting in Kathmandu, Nepal  Clinical research  Nepal  19/10/16 
26-16  Behzad Nadjm A randomized controlled trial of continuous endotracheal cuff pressure control for the prevention of ventilator associated respiratory infections  Clinical trial  Vietnam  19/10/16 
5120-16  Amélie Julé  Data Management Practices across Malaria Clinical Research: exploring variability to understand the needs  Minimal risk Senegal, Congo  19/10/16 
45-16  Lauren Carrington  A research study of methods to prevent mosquitoes from becoming infected with, and transmitting dengue viruses  Clinical research  Vietnam  26/10/16 
5121-16 Juan Carrique-Mas  ViParc: Vietnamese Platform for Antimicrobial Reduction in Chicken Production  Minimal risk  Vietnam  3/11/16 
44-16 Guy Thwaites Detection of rat-borne pathogens in Rodent Traders in the Mekong River Delta using next-generation sequencing techniques Other research Vietnam  15/11/16 
41-16 Peter Horby Host genetic susceptibility to avian influenza A (H5N1) Clinical research Indonesia  15/11/16
5125-16 Phaik Yeong Cheah Evaluation of health-themed science theatre in Thailand Minimal risk Thailand   23/11/16
5126-16 Olga Tosas Auguet Metrics for Public Health-Perspective Surveillance of Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance (BAR) Minimal risk Kenya, Cambodia, UK   30/11/16
5122-16 Arjen Dondorp Community engagement and the acceptability of Targeted Malaria Elimination (TME) in the Greater Mekong Region: a multisite mixed methods study Minimal risk Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam   13/12/16
5127-16 Mark McCarthy Analysis of whole sequence data from the TOPMED study (an NHLBI funded whole genome sequencing study) Minimal risk US, UK  15/12/16 
50-16 Le Nguyen Thanh Nhan Heart Rate Variability in Children with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in Vietnam Clinical research Vietnam 21/12/16 
58-16 Maarten De Vos Automating the diagnosis of childhood pneumonia Other research India  21/12/16