Supporting the Concordat Action Plan

The University is committed to supporting career development for researchers across the board. The Concordat is an agreement between employers of researchers and research funders in the UK on the expectations for the professional development and employment conditions of researchers.

The Action Plan for the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers was created as part of the wider Research Culture at the University of Oxford project to help support researchers on fixed-term contracts. 

A representative group of 36 researchers, academics and Professional Services colleagues from across the University co-developed an action plan stating how the University, as a community, will fulfil the Concordat. Oxford's innovative approach has been recognised nationally in a case study of good practice. To learn more about our Deliberative Democracy process please see our case study published on Vitae's Platform of Practice website

The action plan 2022-2025 which supports the Concordat has has three overarching goals:  

  1. Creating a research environment that is supportive, inclusive, and equitable  
  2. Recognising and valuing the diverse contributions of researchers  
  3. Supporting researchers to achieve a range of career goals  

Researchers, Principal Investigators or academic managers and professional support colleagues have responsibilities and roles to play in fulfilling the collective aims. 

For more information on the national Concordat and our specific commitments please see the Concordat Action Plan webpage.

The Careers Service offers careers support to all researchers employed on a fixed-term basis by the University or a college during, and for one year after, their contract period.

Focus areas for fixed-term researchers

Below is a selection of the focus areas for the Concordat Action Plan. 

Read the Concordat Action Plan

Concordat Action Plan 


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